Friday, April 23, 2010

My Bubble: DOWNSIZING ...

I am DOWNSIZING! How I wish I could downsize my physique as easily but no ... nope, it's not my body size. I'm actually downsizing materialistically.

It all started when I decided to opt for my long awaited early retirement. By doing so, I actually downsized the family spending power quite a fair bit.

Then, hubby and I decided to downsize our home too, figuring that we aren't getting any younger, we won't be needing so much space for ourselves and when Nick decides to leaves the coop, there'll only be hubby and myself left in the house. We would be doing ourselves a big favour by spending less time on housekeeping and more time for leisure. So we've sold our home and gotten a condominium instead, since we're attracted to the resort living style. Thank God, the market value of landed property in my neighborhood has risen by about 25% since the past year.

Currently I am contemplating to give away some of my furnitures, electrical items and even clothes ... working clothes actually since I'm retired, I prefer and love my casual mode nowadays. Perhaps, by the time I move into my new place, I can look forward to new furnishings. I intend to have a simple contemporary decor with minimalistic furnishings though ... minimal housekeeping remains my top priority!

Hubby just sold his much loved Mitsubishi Lancer GT too. We've only had the car for 2 years now but as much as we loved the car, he has decided to let it go as well. It's just too stressful to keep it. The anxieties that comes with it is just too much ... when we're on the road, we worry about the reckless drivers and bikers ... when at the carpark, we worry about people parking too close or the parking lot is too secluded or stolen accessories and on and on and on. We've read and heard too much of such incidences to really enjoy driving the car ... imagine it's not even a Mercedes or a Ferrari yet. In the end, the car just stayed home while we go around in my trusty 10-year-old Perodua Kembara. Moreover, hubby's been recently transferred right into the heart of a jam-packed city centre which means public transport becomes the better option. It's been almost a month now, and we're still waiting for our new cheaper and smaller locally made car, a Proton Saga BLM. Latest delivery we've been told is next week.

Much earlier, hubby had also sold off one of our 2 Merida bikes. Aside from barely having the time to train with them, our new condominium wouldn't have the space to accommodate 2 bikes. So reluctantly, off goes one and the other is merely buying time due to sentimentality.

Each day, a simplistic outlook seemed to have taken me over and there's this prevailing sense of relief and joy. Again I must attest that the Law of Attraction works for me. I am so grateful for the various forms of abundance ... peace and happiness, health, time, friends, even the little little wealth that has arrived at my doorstep. My leaving the rat-race to embrace retirement has certainly done wonders ... I think not only for myself but for the whole family too.

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

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I always believe 'LESS IS MORE'. What you have accomplished are definitely to be proud of. We share your believes in simplicity and living a 'released' life instead of having so much burden onto ourselves.

I do hope I too can 'retire' soon - than we can go window shopping together, have a cup of kopi kau as and when we like. Opps, by then, you may have to travel to my 'kampung hse' to look for me your trusted Kembara... the hubbies can go fishing....

Thumbs Up, my dear friend!

very proud of you! some ppl got so hooked on the life style & status level that they are not willing to do what you did as they worried "lose face" to family and fren.

you impressed me! you live your life the way you pave it.

I doubt you need to downsize physically! It's a great idea about the "stuff". We have too much clutter, but my wife has promised to work with me to get rid of things.

My dad's house was jam packed with junk--and I mean junk! Broken power tools, a broken freezer, two broken dryers (he kept them for parts), old magazines, etc. We tried to get him to let us clean up a little, but he was afraid we would throw out something he "might need". After he died I had to rent a 24 foot dumpster to hold most of the junk. I arranged for separate pick-ups for the big items and made several trips to the dump. What a mess. I don't want my house to end up like that!

It'll be a pleasure to travel to your 'kampong house' then. Our hubbies can fish all day long and we can chat and blog whole day long with mugs and mugs of 'kopi kau'. I guess by then your kids and mine would probably have abandoned us liao ... hahaha!

Thanks Lily. A friend of mine said that some people forced themselves to suffer financial woes in order to drive nice expensive cars and live luxuriously for the sake of personal pride and ego.

Personally, I think that's just asking trouble for ourselves. I'd rather have a simplistic, unstressed life and keep the $$$ stuffed safely in my pockets. The extras could be shared for charitable causes.

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Too bad I have the same attitude, RicAdeMus. I tend to keep quite a number of things which I know I will need some day but don't know when.

From personal experience, if I don't throw them out, I'll be forever staring at it. But once I throw them out, I'll need them the very instant!

I've seen how things run in Malaysia and I'd also not want to have a branded car and always worry. I'd drive Proton, too. But even these cars are great these days and worth to be worried about. You're not downsizing, you're just becoming more efficient about how you use space :) Good luck, sis! :D

Wow, so kind of you Lil'Bro! Efficient is really the word! Thank you.