Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Bubble: Money-Making Investment in Gold?

What?! Retire so early? What are you going to do, it’s so boring!

As usual, my instant response would be, “Oh I got plenty of things planned up already. Aiyoh, there’s plenty I can do … blogging (which of course is my first priority), go to the gym, running, photography, catch-up with friends, short excursions around the country and let’s not forget … the ecstasy of SHOPPING!!!

Wishful laid back objectives, isn’t it? Anyway, now that I’ve finally achieved my wish to retire, I’ve found many more indulgences that can keep a retiree occupied, apart from earning some $$$ here and there … INVESTMENTS!

Just a few days’ back , my dearest friend Jane popped by for a visit. I’ve not seen her since January and only managed several short chats in between. When we caught up, I noticed she was almost back to her old bubbly and chatty self. She told me she has finally laid all that’s happened in the past to rest and is now concentrating most of her time on making-money to safeguard her comfort zone. That’s when she introduced me to gold investment.

According to Jane, investing in gold is a fairly stable and good way to make some profit even when the market is down. She advised that gold prices goes up and down much more slower in comparison to the share market. That’s why, to make money in the long term, gold investment is a very suitable tool. Due to the current strong Ringgit value, this would be the best time to buy gold which can turn out to be profitable long term investment. If at all there’s a revalue of the Yuan or the US Dollar, the Ringgit value will drop in effect. I was impressed by Jane’s new found knowledge and enquired for some tips to go about in gold investments.

Being a newbie, Jane cautioned that I should start slow and look towards buying gold coins.  She too had started her money-making venture by buying gold coins and particularly encouraged that I have a look-see myself at gold sovereign, especially the British Gold Sovereign Coins. Why, may I ask?

Older gold coins such as the gold sovereign are appreciated for their rarity and the prices are only slightly higher than the modern gold bullion. Besides, British gold coins are recognized by many experienced investors as one of the most advantageous ways for gold investments. The British gold sovereign is the most widely traded gold coin in the world.

One important task I should consistently monitor is the gold prices. Jane forewarned that I must be tireless in keeping myself updated with the gold price today in order to make the best decision in my purchases.

With all these talk about investing and buying gold, Jane and I practically spent the whole day together. Apart from the seriousness into money-making, intermittently we giggled and laughed away like two young school girls.

A happy thought is like a seed that sows positivity for all to reap.

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