Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Bubble: Dog Vs Durian

The King of Fruits ... Durians ... hmmm yum yum. Looks like the season's back. We managed to satisfy our cravings yesterday and hey, there's still some left in the fridge!

Can a dog tell the difference between an apple and a durian?  To our surprise, Bowie 'The Arrogant Dog' loves durians too!  The King of Fruits won him over!  Too bad, the durians were too finger-licking good I couldn't snap any photos of him devouring the King of Fruits alongside us. 

Positive things happen to positive people. 

3 Bubbles:

no kidding... so cute... i dont like durian, i perasan i mat salleh lar...

Amazing! I'm sorry though but I don't eat durian. Never tasted it actually x_x

I don't know yet which part of Malaysia we will be going to on October. That will depend on my officemate who has been there already. I am so excited! :D

duriannnnn! i miss eating that. too bad it smells funny to americans. sigh..... i doubt customs would let that in the country. LOL. enjoy!