Monday, June 21, 2010

My Bubble: I Miss Home!!!

A home is not a home until you are able to relax and feel a sense of belonging in it.

Imagine sometimes when you visit someone's home. As a guest, you feel so out of place? A rented home is just the same. It's so difficult to feel right at home. I feel like a guest in someone else's home.

I miss home! I really really miss my home, my home sweet home for the past 10 years. It's just less than a 5-minutes' drive away ... silly huh???

Positive things happen to positive people.

3 Bubbles:

I know what missing home means. Hang in there, Wenny :) And remember, home is in your heart.

I like your definition of home. It's spot on for me :) I hope you don't miss home to much more.

Thanks again for your comment!

I understand how you feel but think on the bright side....You sold the house for the "Price You Want"..But you still have a home now...
Linger on the "difference you made", this might give you some consoling factor....Cheers...