Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Bubble: But In The End ...

It was indeed a very generous gesture from Steven and Cheryl . An offer to a 50-50 partnership in a new business entity … a proposition that I would say is too good to pass. Low capital, ready customers, market monopoly and in the end … I’m my own boss.

However, it requires one very important requisite, as in any other business and that’s TIME. The new business partnership shall require my full attention ... a business that’s to be opened from 9.00 to 5.00 and 5 days’ a week. I was actually game to the challenge the moment it was proposed to me … something that’s totally new to me in my years of working experience … to manage a retail outlet. But before I can commit a ‘YES’ to my friends, I will have to overcome any opposition coming from hubby. If there is, it wouldn’t be the first. The many times that I had wanted to venture into a business undertaking, it never got pass hubby’s concurrence though I do understand his fear of risks and loss … our life-savings at stake!

Unlike then, this time the risk is minimal or perhaps nil. Still I have to decline such a profitable proposition. If this opportunity had popped up earlier … prior to my retirement that is, there’s probably no thinking twice. However, after considering long and hard over the weekend, I guess hubby does have a rational point … to commit my full time to this venture will eventually defeat my purpose of an early retirement from the corporate world. Now, my time is at my own disposal and I’m free to schedule it whichever way I fancy. I’m already getting accustomed and enjoying the laid-back feel of not being in the workforce.

Moreover, who’s going to take care of Bowie? That poor little angel would have to spend his days penned up in the kitchen (only a 50sf space). It’ll be a psychological torment for him and I don’t think I would appreciate coming home to a pet that’s suffering from separation anxiety. At the moment, he’s just so happy and relaxed whenever I stayed home for a longer part of the day. I believe a happy dog will be an obedient dog.  An alternative suggestion is to give him away which does not even come into consideration ... he's so much a part of our family now.

Well … no doubt it feels heavy to let go of this opportunity … but in the end, I’ve got to say ‘NO’.

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

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There are many ways to derive satisfaction and gaining personal fulfilment without sinking your time into a business.

Most of us poor folks don't have this option of being financial stable for retirement. But you do, Wenny! So don't waste it.

my fren manage to find a job 2 days a week and its work from home... ehheheh.... i told her i want as well.

Would you have enjoyed working with the public that way? Some people are nice and some of us are jerks! With your personality, I think you would have been good at it. Your friends must think so to, to have made the offer.

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You r so right..we do get stuck into a comfort zone after a while and getting back to the grind is kinda hard. I tried but being home administrator still tops the list...at least for now still. But from whatever little I can gauge from you posts, I think you would have made it work either way. For now though enjoy Bowie and keep those posts coming!

You are quite right Shingo T. I still want to enjoy my new found freedom.

Hey Lily, 2 days' work from home? I want it too!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Rick. It's so true. In retail line, some customers are just a pain. I've seen this happening repeatedly at Steven & Cheryl's outlet.

Thank you so much for the support, Alice. I guess I'm really quite settled into the comfort zone. There's just no having both worlds.