Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Malaysia's Independence Day ... MERDEKA!!!

Let's Be Thankful!

Just Laughs: The Plumber With A Sense Of Humor

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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Bubble: Trekking Apek Hill ...

Our local colloquial expression "Apek" translates as "old man" ... so imagine on Sunday, I went trekking up "Old Man Hill". Dear old hubby jokingly said it's becoz many old man like to challenge this trail. True, true ... I do see many old people there and mind you, they are much fitter than some of us. Of course, there are also many younger people including children attempting Apek Hill.

That's the introduction to this beautiful green lung hidden behind some residential area in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur which can be accessible via several entry points. I was led via Taman Cuepacs. Didn't know what to expect initially, though the pictures from hubby's earlier trip seemed easy enough. Turned out, it is definitely a challenge especially when I've not been keeping fit for the past 2 months now ... getting lazier to run in the mornings nowadays (excuse: insominia ... hmmm). Anyway, Agnes who's an avid trekker from Kota Kemuning Pacers, had quite determinely extended invitations after invitations to join her in her trekking expeditions and finally ...

There were 17 of us, some experienced trekkers like Agnes and the rest like me. We started about 8.30am from the entry point ... there are 6 Stations upto the peak at 386 metres above sea level. It is quite an interesting hill to explore ... steep but luckily with the help of ropes hung on at certain spots, it's manageable ... I guess we should thank those 'Apek' who had gotten them ready for novices like me. It is well maintained and clean with alot of route markers in case you lose your way ... actually don't know understand, somehow dear old hubby got lost following the markers ... thank goodness the trail is busy all day round should you need to ask for directions.

There was a slight panic when he did not exit the foothill eventhough our slowest group was already enjoying cold coconut drinks with us at a makeshift stall at the exit point.  All the heaves of sigh followed when he finally appeared about 20 minutes later.

The crisp cool fresh air there was simply refreshing with lots of shade from the trees but I still sweat buckets. Tried taking pictures along the way upwards ... some turned our badly coz hands were shaking from sheer breathelessness, some did not turn out at all coz still on the learning curve (far from even an amateur photographer ... lol). We finally reach the anticipated destination after almost 2 hours ... THE WATERFALL! It's a small sandy spot, just enough for our group. Spent about an hour there to re-energize and some enjoyed the cold gushing water ... another group arrived just as we were leaving. We had to climb up a steep slope ... struggle and pant again, ARGHHH ... before we can go downhill which subsequently turned into a breeze.  The whole gang made it out of 'old man' hill in one piece at 1pm ... all sweaty and stinky ... dragging our feet to our cars that seemed to be parked a trillion miles away under the hot blazing afternoon sun!

The first sign probably referring to Taman Awana residences ...
the others???  Hubby's a 'banana' ... no read no Chinese, that's why ...

Fast or slow?  You're REMINDED!

Let's Be Thankful!

Affirmation: All That I Am

Let's Be Thankful!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gratitude: Count Our Blessings

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

My random list of gratitude this week;

1. my dearie old hubby ... looking to forever in the bag with you ♥

2. my son ... from boy to man ... you're almost almost there!

3. a good night's uninterrupted sleep Emoticon bliss!

4. the fresh ideas for a new blog ... more $$$!

5. newfound tips and skills at photography Emoticon

Let's Be Thankful!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Law Of Attraction: Combating Negative Thinking

These three related tools are useful in combating negative thinking. Negative thinking causes stress because it damages your confidence that you are equal to the task you face.

Negative thoughts occur when you put yourself down, criticize yourself for errors, doubt your abilities, expect failure, etc. Negative thinking is the negative side of suggestion - it damages confidence, harms performance and paralyzes mental skills.

Thought Awareness
Thought awareness is the process by which you observe your thoughts for a time, perhaps when under stress, and become aware of what is going through your head. It is best not to suppress any thoughts - just let them run their course while you observe them.

Watch for negative thoughts while you observe your 'stream of consciousness'. Normally these appear and disappear being noticed. Normally you will not know that they exist. Examples of common negative thoughts are:
  • worries about how you appear to other people
  • a preoccupation with the symptoms of stress
  • dwelling on consequences of poor performance
  • self criticism
  • feelings of inadequacy
Make a note of the thought, and then let the stream of consciousness run on.

Thought awareness is the first step in the process of eliminating negative thoughts - you cannot counter thoughts you do not know you think.

Rational Thinking
Once you are aware of your negative thoughts, write them down and review them rationally. See whether the thoughts have any basis in reality. Often you find that when you properly challenge negative thoughts they are obviously wrong. Often they persist only because they escape notice.

Positive Thinking and Affirmation
You may find it useful to counter negative thoughts with positive affirmations. You can use affirmations to build confidence and change negative behavior patterns into positive ones. You can base affirmations on clear, rational assessments of fact, and use them to undo the damage that negative thinking may have done to your self-confidence.

Examples of affirmations are:
  •  I can do this.
  • I can achieve my goals.
  • I am completely myself and people will like me for myself.
  • I am completely in control of my life.
  • I learn from my mistakes. They increase the basis of experience on which I can draw.
  • I am a good valued person in my own right.
Traditionally people have advocated positive thinking almost recklessly, as if it is a solution to everything. It should be used with common sense. No amount of positive thinking will make everyone who applies it an Olympic champion marathon runner (though an Olympic marathon runner is unlikely to have reached this level without being pretty good at positive thinking). Firstly decide rationally what goals you can realistically attain with hard work, and then use positive thinking to reinforce these.

Authored by Stephanie Loebs, the executive director of Williamsburg Place, one of the top drug rehab clinics in the nation. Williamsburg Place aids those who suffer from drug and/or alcohol addiction, and specializes in caring for health care professionals. For over twenty years Williamsburg Place and its joint rehabilitation center, the William J. Farley Center, have helped thousands of people from all walks of life take back their lives and overcome substance abuse.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stephanie_Loebs

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Note Of Awareness ...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Poem: Birthday Blessings

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Bubble: Keep Busy To Be Happy

Was just reading an interesting article, 'Keep Busy To Be Happy' on the Sunday Star which I think is a good share.

According to the article, a professor from the University of Chicago had conducted a study to understand why people are running around, working hard, beyond the basic level in this modern society. They found that people who have something to do, even something that's pointless are happier than people who sit idly.

We all know the adage that goes 'An Idle Mind Is The Devil's Playground' and I personally believe it can really really undermine what we want to achieve through the Law of Attraction. Sitting idly, staring at the paint drying or simply waiting for the time to pass could definitely make one feel miserable. When one's miserable, negative emotions builds and negative thoughts start its manipulation. I've been there before as the negative vibes begins to attract all that I don't want ... when they manifest, I'd be so miserable.

Today, I'm keeping myself busy with fruitful activities in order to stay happy, healthy and focused.

Have you ever been in such predicament? Would you agree with the professor?

Let's Be Thankful!

Just Laughs: Birthday Joke

Let's Be Thankful!

My Bubble: Another Year Into The Bag ...

To my dear old Hubby,

Do you know that birthdays are good for you? Statistics has shown that people who have the most ...


Honey, open here for more compliments of the day and have the day off!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Affirmation: I Strive For Balance

Let's Be Thankful!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gratitude Is An Attitude ...

Let's Be Thankful!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

I am so grateful for the peace and quiet I'm enjoying at home each day ... the ME Time and how constructively I'm able spend them, doing things I love.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Law Of Attraction: I Saw God Today! Did You?

I saw God today! Did you? I see God every day and all the time. But what has God to do with The Law Of Attraction, you may ask?

I see God in every person, every animal, every plant and in every stone on the earth. I see God as Pure Light, Pure Love and Pure Life, penetrating all and everything.

Your life is a gift of Love from God, but you have also been given freedom. You are free to worship and you are free to destroy. You are free to be happy and you are free to feel miserable.

I see God within me and within you… All the time! I saw God today! Did you?

I will tell you from my point of view, about the connection between God and The Law Of Attraction, but first a sweet little story:

An old man died and came to God. When he stood in front of Gods throne, he asked:
“Where were You God, when I needed You most in my life, when I suffered most, when I could not manage myself?”
God answered him with a loving smile:
“I was always by your side, I never left you alone.”
The dead old man did not believe that and said:
“How come that when I look down at my footsteps on Earth, there are two pairs during the good times but only one pair during the bad times?”
“Well my precious and beloved child”, God answered, “it is because I carried you in my arms.”

God is always present even if it sometimes does not feels so.

When you realize that God is Pure Light, Pure Love and Pure Life penetrating you and everyone and everything, always - then you will understand that your natural condition is to be healthy, wealthy, loving and peaceful.

This is when The Law Of Attraction supplies you and makes your life prosperous and delightful.

When there is lack of health, wealth, love or peace in your life , it is caused by disconnection to God and the Pure Source of Light, Love and Life.

This is when The Law Of Attraction works against you. The purpose is not to be punished but to learn. Even then, God will still love you and carry you in his arms.

There are a few exceptions from this law. Enlightened persons that are fully spiritually cleansed and connected to God, can during a lifetime make a special sacrifice.

They can voluntary expose themselves to specific sufferings in order to make people around them learn. This offer is arranged in the spiritual world, before birth and can in most cases not be remembered.

Sometimes this is the case with disabled, handicapped, invalid or seriously ill persons that are depending on other people.

But most of the time anything can be healed and most of the time anyone can learn how to use The Law Of Attraction to live a happy and prosperous life. That is because God is within you as Pure Light, Pure Love and Pure Life.

I saw God today! Did you?

This free article is produced by Lily On Earth, a Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic Healer and Law Of Attraction Mentor. If you like the free articles on this blog, let Lily On Earth know by buying her her all-time favorite gift - a beautiful lily!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Bubble: Dear, I Can't Sleep!

Bedtime! It's 12am and it's time for bed! Within minutes, dear old hubby's snoring away in slumberland.

Me? I'm still counting sheep and it isn't working at all. It's been happening again and again for the past week ... tossing and turning ... I CAN'T GET TO SLEEP!!! Medical science said carb-deprivation causes insomnia. I think I've got too much carb since I couldn't get up for my morning runs. Anyway I'd blame it on the new airconditioner that's making so much noise. The technician has come 3 times and it's far from solved. Tomorrow he'll be coming again ... this time, I've recorded the noise for his listening pleasure!

Helpless, I took out a book to read. I've finished 3 chapters, yet I'm still far from sleepy. Interestingly the book advised to call upon God, have faith and pray. I did that seeking a peace of mind and sleep. When and how I don't care but I'd only manage to sleep for about 3 hours when I was jolted by a man shouting outside my window. Look out and I saw an Indian couple arguing in the middle of the road. The woman was inaudible but the man was sighing and shouting, raising his hands to the sky in frustration (almost like a scene out of a Bollywood movie). Luckily they moved their argument back to their home a few doors away.

Now I'm wide awake again ... tossing and turning. My battle resumes. I prayed hard to enter slumberland but the second time seems so much more harder. Anyway, again I don't know when and how, it's already 7am when I was jolted awake by the hair-dryer ... hubby's getting ready for work.

Arghhh!!! I'm too sleepy to go running, I grumbled, fall back to sleep and just woke up at 9am. Fingers crossed, let's see whether I hit the tar this evening. No guilt ... no guilt pleassse!!!

Let's Be Thankful!

A Note Of Awareness ...

Let's Be Thankful!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poetry: Crystal Stairs

Let's Be Thankful!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Laughs: I'd Rather Hold It ...

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Affirmation: Joyous Expectation Of Good

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gratitude: The Way To Bring More Into Your Life

Let's Be Thankful!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

I am just so grateful that I am feeling stronger each day since the past few days. I am just so grateful that I am getting zesty by the day.

Let's Be Thankful!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Law Of Attraction: How Do You Do That Manifesting A Miracle Stuff?

If time is money, what is the cost of living in your every day life in regards to time lost in moments of stress, worry, and then recovery time? The process of using deliberate creation, and the law of attraction, could result in a miracle every minute, to replace those lost moments of stress or anxiety. But how do you do that?

The more you can simplify the process of deliberate creation, the better. You don't have to try and envision a whole new life right now, with the zillion details.

Keep it simple, although that may not be easy. For example, to sit in front of the window in the morning with your tea or coffee, and truly relax, is not easy for most people. I know that I will start organizing thoughts about the day ahead of me, perhaps in a relaxed fashion. Then I will remember that I sat down to do nothing for a few minutes.

For a couple of minutes I'll be aware of my shoulders relaxing a little, and my breathing being nice and deep. To meditate just focusing on the breath does not usually stop thought. But it brings to awareness the predominant thought that keeps floating by. Something that maybe hasn't been paid attention to, brought to resolution. So I can then decide to take care of that issue, and relax again into breathing.

This is the start of the day. Work hours are set, most of the people I will interact with are predictable. What can I create in this day to resonate with the vibe of my ideal life? Not the details, the vibe, the feeling.

How can you manifest a miracle in your day? For a second that's an intimidating thought. In the ball-of-wax of work, income, kids, schools, mates, and increasing future obligations, where is today's miracle?

Today's manifestation of a miracle is feeling good, right here, right now. Looking out the window, or at a favorite painting, and just breathing. Every problem has a solution, even if you don't know what it is right now. Have faith that you will, and feel some relief.

If you could stop a few times every day and feel that relief, and relax a little you would be practicing deliberate creation. By merely establishing this habit of having some quiet moments and allowing yourself to reflect on your better feelings, you're giving yourself a cost of living raise - because those "stolen" moments are part of manifesting miracles.

For you to work moments into your day, every day, and replace feelings of worry and concern with feelings of just relief that you have a process to support your use of the law of attraction, IS a miracle in and of itself.

Authored by Dianne Buxton, a graduate of the National Ballet School of Canada. She taught art and choreographed for The National Ballet School, York University and George Brown College in Canada and taught at Harvard University in the U.S.
Article Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/how-do-you-do-that-manifesting-a-miracle-stuff.html

Let's Be Thankful!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Note of Awareness ...

Let's Be Thankful!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Bubble: Get Out!!!

After almost 3 weeks' of a lacklustre existence, I'm feeling the zest again ... I'm finally on the road to recovery.  No more FEM@LOV for me!  I'm going to turn to flax seed ... it's a cheaper and safer alternative.

After almost 3 weeks being cooped up in the house, I'm taking flight ... went marketing this morning and hopefully, I'm up for running this evening with the Kota Kemuning Pacers.  The chest discomfort is almost gone, though there's still a slight numbness on my back ... I think I may just try a slow jog tonight. 

Before I turn into the laziest recluse in the world ... I'd better get out of the house now ... even a bee that flew into the house is against me staying indoor any longer!  It has just chased me out twice!!

I'm going to 'yum cha' and then to the 'pasar malam' now before the bee returns again ...  tweedly-doo ...

My Bubble: Another Addition!

What a happy news!  I'm a Grand-Aunty all over again ... for the 9th time!!

The stork had just delivered a healthy bouncing baby boy weighing 3.13kg to my nephew (on my sister's side) and his wife on Monday morning. It's their second kid and has made Ashley a big sister now.  Can't wait to hold that little tyke in my arms when they are home from the hospital soon.

CONGRATULATIONS to Swee Nian & Stephanie on the new bundle of joy.

Not forgetting, CONGRATULATIONS to my Sis' & Brother-in-Law on their growing brood of grand-children.

Let's Be Thankful!

My Poem: Seeking The Infinite

Let's Be Thankful!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Bubble: Fem@lov ... Good Or Bad?

A trip to an established ancient Qigong therapist more than a month ago for my muscle strains ended with a diagnosis of hormonal imbalance. I do not doubt the diagnosis as I knew too well already that this is the outcome that comes with the fact that I'm in the peri-menopausal period of my life. What more when I've already undergone a hysterectomy. This imbalance will definitely be worst for all women who entered the post-menopausal period ... that's why there's a world issue on HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

A Woman's Life!!!

Anyway, the Qiqong therapist prescribed that I take a supplement called Femalov. It's supposed to be a Swiss-origin formulation which contains estrogen (an important hormone for women that goes on the decline with age). It's claimed to be 100% natural, made of extracted ingredients from White Kwao Krua, Wild Yam, Black Cohosh, Dandelion, Blessed Thistle and Oligosaccharides.  Upon consumption, it comes with a number of possible reactions before I can reap the benefits ... and a box of 30 sachets costs me RM198!  Well ... anything for better health.  If it works, it's more than worth it.

However, the anticipated reactions turned my life topsy-turvy!  As already forewarned in their brochure, I've been feeling lethargic, dizzy, heaty, suffering chest discomfort, itching and in pain due to skin breakout.  I was so listless that I couldn't bring myself to leave the house for the past weeks ... worst it affected my state of mind too!

It's definitely an undeniable sign that I'm not as healthy as I would want to think but due to the increasing chest discomfort, I've decided to halt consumption.  It's becoming more stressful than prepping up my vigor.  Four days went by without Femalov and my vitality was on the rise ... almost back to my usual self until I decided to resume intake with a sachet yesterday and today, I'm feeling a slight slack again.

So far, I do notice that the pigmentation on my face has lightened a fair bit.  Some pigmentation on my face had been declared as hormonally-related by my beautician and I guess this must be a positive result.  But this one and only result do not outweigh the sufferings.

One big question swirling in my head right now ... TO CONTINUE OR NOT TO???

Just Laughs: Global Warming

Women had been doing their part to forewarn about global warming.   Why the men still aren't listening?

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Bubble: Blog Award Notice: Your Blog Has Been Awarded by IBRC

I was so busy with the house cleaning and the laundry since morning that I had not logon to the internet to check my mails until a few minutes ago. Two emails caught my immediate attention ... first was the proud news that one of my Kota Kemuning Pacers Club member had won 'The Best Dressed CEO' title in the recently concluded Kuala Lumpur Rat Race 2010, a race for charity organised by the The Edge and Bursa Malaysia.  Congratulations to Mr. CG Lim!

Then I proceeded to read the second email with careful sceptism as the subject matter created a mixture of disbelief and excitement.  What?  My blog's gotten an award??  It's just too good to be true but the extract of the email read as follows;

"During the month of July, the International Blogging Recognition Council (IBRC) had the pleasure of reviewing your blog Inside My Bubble Today. Your blog was referred to IBRC through our Refer-A-Blog program. "Law Of Attraction: Stop Trying So Hard!" was the topic that the Council reviewed. Based on the review, the Council has recommended that your blog receive IBRC’s designation of “Recognized Blog”. IBRC reserves this honor to those blogs that effectively connects with the audience and promotes the sharing of ideas and experiences.

We invite you to visit our website at http://www.ibrcblog.org/ to learn more about IBRC and our “Recognized Blog” award. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

Sarah L. Tolten
Review Committee Chair
International Blogging Recognition Council"

I checked out the website link provided and found that I have to pay a $45 fee in order to receive the official IBRC "Seal of Recognition" to be place on my blog.  $45, equivalent to RM160 is a big sum for a blogger like me who's retired and making chicken-feed revenue over the internet.  How authentic is this award?  I googled around looking for more info about this council or the sender, Sarah L. Tolten ... ZILCH!!!

On the other hand, I found more bloggers who received the same email to this award and all of them shared the same sceptism.   Anyway, authentic or not ... is this "Seal of Recognition" really necessary for my blog?  What can it really do for my blog?

Ponder ponder ponder ... alas!  Nope, I'll forgo the seal and rather keep my money for a better use.  If at all my blog had been genuinely reviewed to be entitled to this award, it's already enough joy and motivation to be notified.  And further, if it had been indeed referred by an anonymous friend in the blogosphere for a review in the first place, I am ever grateful to him or her.  Thank you, thank you so much!

Affirmation: I Just Have To Be Me!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gratitude: At Least We Didn't Die ...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Bubble: Bye Bye Bowie ...

In a spur of the moment, we were bading farewell to my little Bowie ... my adorable but mischievous little doggie. I'm missing you already Bowie!

It was supposed to be a family obligation ... meeting up with my cousin who's in town with his family. We've not met up for more than a year now, since Chinese New Year 2009. Hearing that he had brought along Yen Yen, his little female shih tzu, I decided to bring Bowie when we met up at my brother's house.

It must've been love at first sight for the two. The moment Bowie set eyes on Yen Yen, it's like I'm no more an existence. He didn't heed my calls at all and continued to play catching with Yen Yen. They were just adorable running around the house chasing one another, pouncing on each other, shelling little barks at each other ... they were so cute!

Out of pure delight, my cousin gamely suggested that I allow him to bring Bowie back to our hometown to stay for awhile ... perhaps if the situation permits, there'll be some Yen Yen-Bowie puppies in no time. Not a bad idea actually and Bowie will definitely be in a loving home and in more capable hands.

I pondered, reluctant at first but subsequently with a heavy heart ... bye bye Bowie ... he left with my cousin yesterday night. It was such an impromptu thing that all of Bowie's stuffs are still with me.

Anyway, if all goes well ... I'll be checking in on him soon in December.

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Oh this week is going to be a tough one. Being so much under the weather, one moment fine and another I'll feel so sick, aching here and there ... there's just nothing else I'm grateful for except ...

Glitter Text - http://www.glittergraphictext.com

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Bubble: Breaking Out!!!

Living in a box???  I think I do and so do many others out there ... our friends, our loved ones or a perfect stranger, it is sad.  But what to do when our upbringing are so governed and influenced by tradition, culture, perhaps a conservative family background, perhaps too much of the idiot box or maybe for us here in not-too-old Malaysia, a sad oldschool education system.

I want to break out!  Everyone does, right???  The law of attraction says it's POSSIBLE  to break that habit so ingrained in us throughout our lifespan thus far ... the problem is???  It can't be due to the lack of CLARITY ... nor is there any lack of DETERMINATION or PURPOSE.  I guess it just boils down to a simple failure of ALLOWING it to happen.  A failure I definitely own-up to! 

I so want to break out from living in a box ... not to be restricted by conformities ... but why am I so troubled about leaving things to perceptions?  Right or wrong ... good or bad ... it's my choice, no explanation needed.  I need to LET GO.

Law Of Attraction: Are You Living in a Box?

What's it like to live in a box? Most of us would laugh at that question. We immediately think of the homeless on lower Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago. Bear with me though-that's not the kind of "box" I'm talking about.

Did you ever hear the story of the guy who was stranded on the wrong side of a river? He asked god for a red row boat to get across the river. He believed that red row boat was the thing he needed to overcome his problem so he put all his energy into getting it. One day he looked and there was an empty raft floating down the river. He continued to pray for a red row boat. The next day he went on a walk and saw an empty motor boat docked. He continued to pray for a red row boat. The next day he saw an unmanned water taxi. He continued to pray to god for a red row boat. Finally, dejected, he looked to the sky in frustration and asked, "Why can't I get across this river?"

Of course if you take a look at his story, it's pretty clear what his problem was. And it's pretty clear what his mistakes were, so I'll spare the remedial explanation. But, how many times do we do the exact same thing in our lives? We decide we want to "cross a river" and then we demand exactly how we want it to happen. That demanded request never comes and we're left frustrated and upset.

Here's another more realistic example: A client of mine came to me asking for help with her goal: to lose weight. She'd tried every diet in the past, only to have little, to no success. So I asked her, "Well- what have you tried?" She blurted out, "Diets! Every diet known to man. Every diet searchable. Every diet I see." We immediately started honing in on that. From experience I know that when you start "trying everything" that's a sure sign that you're missing the target. To me when you're trying one thing after another after another, you end up just spinning your wheels, rather than actually getting anywhere. The more time you waste trying something else with no results, the more upset you get. The more upset you get, the more you try. It's a vicious cycle.

I immediately put her on a diet from diets. No more. She realized that her idea of losing weight was in a box. She believed that the only way to lose weight was to diet. Period. That was her "box." Thinking logically, I ended up sending her to a doctor who found out quite serendipitously that she had a thyroid problem. That was a huge contributor to her stubborn weight. Once she got her hormones regulated, we decided instead of dieting, she should look to becoming more active and cutting her meals down to half-size portions and adding a salad to supplement. It was still enough to maintain a healthy caloric intake, but cut back on fats and calories. She ended up losing weight due to her healthy thyroid, changes in eating habits and increased activity. The real payoff was not just the weight loss, but the peace she had. She wasn't just determined to lose weight on any diet. She was open to other methods of weight loss and using them all to her advantage. She broke out of her box.

I believe that we can have any dream we can think up. Anything. If your dream is to be a lawyer, it can happen. If your dream is to lose weight, it can happen. If your dream is to buy a house, it can happen. The problem comes in when we take the "how" and put it in a box. And when we refuse to open our minds up to other ideas. Trust me-I'm the Queen of Determination. I lived for years with the idea of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it...to no avail. None. Then finally I realized that maybe it's me. Once I did that, I was able to see how I demanded life unfold MY way. But the reality is that I am not god. It's awesome to have goals and dreams. That's what the Law of Attraction is all about, but when it comes to the "how," leave it to the Universe. She knows what she's doing.

Reminder:  If you're trying to achieve something with little success, take a look at what your inner beliefs are. It could be that you are putting your dream into a tight little box and demanding it comes to you in that way. Why not try opening up your mind and letting the Universe handle the "how"?

Authored by: Anya Dee, a Chicago writer with experience in the field of self-help. For more information on her work please visit: http://www.mycoachanya.com/
Article Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/are-you-living-in-a-box.html

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Notable Inspiration ...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Bubble: 48 Hours To Make A Day ...

Seriously ... 24 hours a day is not enough! Time really flies when you are in the thick and thin of things ... and I've not yet included my chill-out time as a couch-potato!

My day normally begins at 8.00am with food preparation for Bowie. It could be something as simple as dog-biscuits or cooked rice or chopped apples with ground dog-biscuits. I try to give him a variety although he hates plain dog-biscuits the most. After his meal, he'll pee and poo before I cleaned him up. Sometimes, some grooming follows.

By the time I have my own cuppa for breakfast, it'll probably be around 10 or 11 in the morning. Am I spending too much time on Bowie or am I a slow-coach?

Of course, my notebook would have already been hooked to the internet the moment I woke up. Switched on the radio and put the clothes into the washer before I'd sit down with my cuppa to check my emails, the comments on my blog and catch-up on some of my regular blogrolls. By the time my stomach growls for food, it's already past lunch-time and I've not yet started on checking out new blogs.

Hey, what about house-cleaning and ironing??? Luckily I do them on weekly basis. Cooking is only for dinner and I keep it simple. On top of these, I've yet to step out of the house to visit my friends, have 'yum cha' sessions with them or go shopping or brush-up on my photography skills or worst, do cold calls for printing jobs!

The hours gone in a jiffy! It's 7.00pm ... dinner time. Next, it's time for the Idiot Box to catch CSI, Criminal Minds or NCIS on Astro. Oh gosh, my poem's not completed yet, my blog entry is not done up yet ...

Seriously, how can 24 hours suffice in a day?

My Poem: I'm So Lost

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Laughs: Where Can I Find Him ...

A clergyman, walking down a country lane, sees a young farmer struggling to load hay back onto a cart after it had fallen off.

"You look hot, my son," said the cleric. "Why don't you rest a moment, and I'll give you a hand."

"No thanks," said the young man. "My father wouldn't like it."

"Don't be silly," the minister said. "Everyone is entitled to a break. Come and have a drink of water."

Again the young man protested that his father would be upset. Losing his patience, the clergyman said, "Your father must be a real slave driver. Tell me where I can find him and I'll give him a piece of my mind!"

"Well," replied the young farmer, "he's under the load of hay."

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Bubble: Why do I need to explain myself …

1. When it’s no longer convenient for me to fetch the school kids …

2. Whenever I leashed up Bowie coz he simply pee and poo all over the place just to show his dissatisfaction …

3. When others only noticed the 10% punishment imposed on Bowie rather than the 90% TLC for him …

4. When I choose to maintain my current beautician instead of signing up with a new one for a lesser cost ...

5. When I did not attend church mass …

6. When I rarely 'balik kampong' to see my family in my hometown ...

7. When I’m feeling under the weather …

8. When I did not run for the past 2 weeks …

9. Whenever I choose to succumb to my sweet-tooth despite my condition ...

10. Hubby asked to massage his aching back but I refused …

Why should I need to explain myself to anyone whenever I choose to or not to do something … anything? Why should I feel guilty just simply being myself … doing things the way I considered the best option for my well-being?

Affirmations: I Am Feeling Stronger

Sunday, August 1, 2010