Sunday, August 29, 2010

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how was apek hill? i did some googling wondering how to get there. do update us in your blog :D

Apek Hill is quite a challenge ... very tiring when going up but very fast coming down. You can either go via Taman Saga or Taman Cuepacs in Cheras. We went via Taman Cuepacs with lots of turns ... it's behind a mall called 'Sports Affair', if I did not get the name wrong.

You can check out some of our pics on my facebook ...

hi wenny, learning how to count one's blessing is the only way to truly enjoy each moment of existence. that's how my kids and i survived and rose above our tragedy.

i have friendship awards for you at

Thanks alot Bing, you've always remain an inspiration to me thus far. You've also been so generous with the awards to me. Thank you ... thank you.