Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Bubble: The Scales Fell From My Eyes!!!

I may be abit harsh to use this idiom but nothing can describe it more, now that I've finally seen the truth! A revelation that's all so disappointing! You thought you know the person well and gave all trust and the highest confidence ... but in the end, it's all sizzle and no steak!

I'm disappointed ... and really pissed with him! If he actually reads this ... SO BE IT!!!

I had only been involved because of our long-time friendship since our younger days and due to his persistent requests for help. He had bidded successfully for this small online project and was blatant that he will be able to handle his part of the assignment. He needed me to do all the writing stuffs while he concentrated on the programming aspects. We would then split the assignment fee 50:50. Alas, nothing materialised!

And to think that I've given him ample space to run around ... beating round the bush, spinning his excuse after excuse, his deliberate attempts at ego-boosting sarcasm and his immature quips. Well, he better have more than a thousand apologies ready for me after all the efforts I've put in!

Never, never ever again ... next time I'll just paddle my own canoe!!

Let's Be Thankful!

4 Bubbles:

Don't worry, Wenny. God knows what we do and He will reward accordingly.

I understand your frustration, but instead of flaring up why not pray that God will bless this friend of yours.

Go get your own canoe, Wenny!

And should you forget the oars, there's always us!

Wow...Wow..Wow...!!! Really pissed...whoever it may be, the person should have felt the heat by now..Anyway, it's better to rely on oneself and not be too dependent on others,,,especially when it involves $$$...
Cheers...and you will get thru the days..bad experience makes us a better person..

Thanks everyone. I'm all better now.