Monday, June 27, 2011

My Bubble: Maintaining My Sanity By Being Heard

Being retired definitely has its perks! I am enjoying the freedom and serenity in my life each day. However, retirement may not necessarily meant a bed of roses all the time. It requires adjustments, retuning the mind & body to adapt to a slower pace in life.

Having been in the workforce for almost two-and-a-half decade, there are occupational habits that really need time & patience to break. The daily fast-paced maneurvers at multitasking in the office, the daily rush through peak-hour traffic and the stress of dealing with the multi-faceted complex characters at work ... first and foremost, the boss ... have created an operating system in the body that just cannot shutdown.

After more than a year's retreat from the workforce, the mind has calmed and the body relaxed. I've begun to understand my purpose in life alittle more. My clarity allows me a better focus on my direction towards my future. Meanwhile, in order to maintain my sanity as I continue with my struggle with the learning curves of life, I need to express myself and be heard. That is why I chose to be heard on;

Blogger ~ where I share my believe, lessons and experiences in the Law of Attraction.

Facebook ~ where I socialise with old and new acquaintances who add colors to my solitude.

Twitter ~ where I tweet every thought that crossed my mind and every sigh to clear my lungs.

To all my friends in the blogosphere as well as the facebook and twitter networks, you certainly rock my world and keep me alive!

"Living is the constant adjustment of thought to life and life to thought, in such a way that we are always growing, always experiencing new things in the old and old things in the new. Thus, life is always new." ~ Thomas Merton

7 Bubbles:

wow...thanks for sharing :) glad that you are enjoying your retirement as most of the people that I know they got bored in some point :)

You're definitely always heard!!!

Hi Amelia, i think when we don't renew our life purposes every now and then, we will come to a point where we will not know what to do with our time and life. It is sad when this happens in retirement ... we become bored, frustrated and self-sabotaging. I hope i will not come to that ... it is scary.

I know you always hear my ramblings Rick and I'd like to thank you for bearing the buzzes ... hahaha!

Guess i don't need to use any loudspeakers anymore ... kakaka!!!