Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Bubble: Gold On The Rise!

Did you know that the price of gold is on the rise?

It has been many years since I had bought any gold jewelleries for myself. Then I had only paid less than RM100 per gram for those 916 gold. Last year however, I had decided to purchase a gold wedding gift for a relative. There was really no describing my level of surprise. By then the price of 916 gold had already rose to about RM138 per gram while the 999 gold was selling at about RM146 per gram. Imagine how much I had to pay for the gift that weighed about 8gm.

Wow! I certainly hope my maths is working correctly because if I have evaluated correctly, some my gold jewelleries would have doubled in value while some may have even tripled! In order not to take any chances, I have decided not to wear any jewelleries on me these days. They have now been placed in safe-custody at the bank.

As far as my experience with gold is concern, I have not known its value to ever dropped but had been always on the rise. Today the price of the 916 gold has risen to RM167 per gram while the 999 gold is going for RM177 per gram.

Bearing this in mind, would it make a good investment reason to buy bullion or the gold bullion now? One thing's for sure, gold offers a secure value. Reading up on some investment guide on bullion, these are some of the advantages of investing in gold;
  • Gold is easy to invest.
  • Gold is the most liquid asset.
  • Gold diversifies your portfolio by helping to offset market fluctuations and reduce volatility.


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