Monday, July 4, 2011

My Bubble: I Am Slacking Here!!!

It was really a big disappointing surprise! I just noticed my pagerank dropped from a 3 to a 2. I have been working hard to keep the postings going on a daily basis in the hope of pushing my pagerank to the next level. Instead it dropped one level ... I guess it must be because I've been slacking on my random ramblings of late. Moreover, I've also not been expanding my outreach to others in the blogosphere. Too complacent ... tsk tsk tsk!!!

Anyway, while googling around on the same matter of pagerank, I found out that Google has recently updated their algorithms, which resulted in some of the inbound links I've been receiving to be worth less. This can happen at times if the sites linking to my blog are no more credible or relevant. Google's algorithms are frequently updated to attempt to avoid link spamming.

Whatever's the real reason, I need to buck-up!

4 Bubbles:

Just learned about this from Reanaclaire about ranking still a NKOTB *new kid on the blog* 3/10 currently. Dunno much about links you are talking about as well haha.

yunno...some don't practise what they preached!! that's why...the site become very boring then...ranking drops...

Well, it's okay Bananaz. Just be happy at what you are doing. Since your PR's at 3, you must be doing something right without knowing. :)

Dear Cheebai, I do agree with you. That's why I have to buck-up ... I've added too many things in my basket and lose my original focus.