Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Bubble: Is The Trigger Finally Uncocked?

It is the final alternative ... 9 months after the first try with steroid injection failed, though the relapse did not return at the anticipated 6th month. When I went in to see the specialist again, I had intended to go for the jab again eventhough I knew a surgery was quite inevitable to get rid of the problem.

I guess it was denial of the inevitable but my doc was firm! "No point going for the jab, you've tried and it's back!" he said and the operating theatre was booked for the following Monday at 2.15pm.

Yesterday, I checked in to the hospital at 12 noon as required.   A slight anxiety sets in but a constant talk with the Big One help alot, especially after reading the release form for general anaesthesia! Imagine the possibility of still being awake despite going under or waking up with a blood clot in the leg or suffering an epileptic seizure ... urghhh! Anyway, the anesthesiologist was very assuring.

Then just as she finished inserting the intravenous connection on my hand at 2.15pm, there was a 'code blue' announcement over the pa system and she sprinted off while leaving instructions to the nurses. I was finally wheeled into the operating theatre at 2.40pm. When I awoke, I saw the clock showing 3.30pm. My hand was numb and the paresthesia was kinda worrying. It took another half-an-hour before the grogginess wear off.

Finally, the numbness and paresthesia is wearing off as I type here [*with my left hand, in case you are wondering*] ... more than 24 hours later. Now some twitching pains sets in ... arghhh!

Will this be a permanent end to my trigger finger?

Since I was under general anaesthesia, my doc also added a local corticosteroids jab to my right heel to help elevate the extreme pain due to plantar fasciitis. This will be the first and the last because I wouldn't want to risk any rupture of my plantar fascia. In order to prevent the pain from returning too soon, I've got to look for orthotic aids like the heel pads and inner soles.

Haizzz ... senescence is continuous and sometimes complex but inevitable! However, let's not suffer from Gerontophobia ... the fear of growing old!


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