Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Bubble: It's Scary Ahead?

When my late Mom was at my age, I've never heard her complained once about any of the symptoms of menopause.  Perhaps then I might be alittle too young to fully comprehend what menopause is all about but from the memories inplanted through the eyes of a 10-year-old then, I remembered she walked through her daily life without any moodiness, outbursts or depression. Being the sole disciplinarian at home, all her angry outbursts were of course well justified by my childhood naughtiness and stubbornness.

Today, there are so many contradicting literature about menopause that it is making this life-changing phase of a woman's life seem so frightful. There are plenty written about the effects of this downhill transition but are they supposed to help women cope better or just to scare us into buying the varying remedies and treatments.

During my Mom's time, there were no advices for supplements or HRT therapy but all the same, she survived to be 71. Unfortunately, she did not survived cancer. She had made it look so simple embracing old age ... no fear of any physical or psychological changes. Is it because of her ignorance? Then, perhaps ignorance is bliss.

Why has menopause become such a big issue today than it was during our mother and grandmother's time? Why can't it be as simple as their time?

Just because more had been written about it and more women are educated these to know more about it, we have developed a dread towards the natural progression of a woman's body. We see the life left after menopause as sexless, unproductive and dependent. We associate menopause with death.

I am guilty of harboring those same fears. Can life after menopause be really so scary?

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