Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Bubble: A Mother's Prayer

Today marks the final day of my son's exam in his pursuit of a Diploma in Business Computing at KDU University College. After two years and four months of nudging and cajoling, anxious concerns intertwined with frustrations, he will be completing his diploma studies in a few day's time and proceed with his internship ... I now breathe a sigh of relief! Come next week, he will be attending several job interviews for his professional placement and I pray he will do well.

Throughout the past year, I am thankful that he has grown in maturity. No more is he the struggling teenager with moody swings and rebellion, though I now understand it is just his normal teenage response to distant himself from parental controls. Today, he is the young adult who is taking definitive steps to navigate towards his independence and I am very proud of his accomplishments thus far! I pray he continues to carry a clarity of his limitless potential.

Though a mother's apron strings have yet to be fully untied, I know my son is a man-in-the-making and he has certainly begin to earn my respect each day. In fact, I am so blessed that he has gradually stepped into the shoes of the best friend I could ever asked for.

For my one and only dearest son, this is every Mother's Prayer as is mine for you.

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so sweet Wenny!! congrats to your son's accomplishment and all the best!