Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Note Of Awareness #4

The law of attraction needs a clean and clear space to create the right climate for it to work!

Before you can be ready to manifest and receive whatever you want to bring forth into your life, you need to de-clutter, remove and clean up to make room for them. Clutters impede and block your energy flow that is attracting the goods things.

The age old Chinese Fengshui emphasizes on uncluttered spaces and an art of placements to attract all the right energy. You can apply its principle to enhance your deliberate attraction for health, wealth and prosperity!


2 Bubbles:

This is a good message. Clutter gets in the way of accomplishments.

I'm having that problem at work. There are too many priorities. It's gotten to the point that when my boss interupts me to talk about a new project, I ask her if she wants me to meet the deadline on what I'm doing or put it aside to spend time on her new something else--that has no deadline.

I guess she thinks you are Superman ... hehehe! That's good you know.