Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random Bubbles ...


A Prayer to Live in God's Presence

God, my Father,
You have promised to remain forever with those
who do what is just and right.
Help me to live in Your presence.
The loving plan of Your Wisdom was made known when
Jesus, your Son, became man like us.
I want to obey His commandment of love
and bring Your peace and joy to others.
Keep before me the wisdom and love
You have made known in Your Son.
Help me to be like Him in word and deed.

2 Bubbles:

Thanks for the reminder. I've been letting little things get under my skin lately--there have been so many little things!!! But that's no excuse.

It's alright to forget sometimes coz He understands. As long as we pull ourselves together and walked with Him again, there's never any wrong time to begin.

I'm glad to be of help. We are all here to help one another to live fruitfully. Cheers!