Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Changes To Keep Us Energized!

Whenever we go on a holiday, we always look forward to ignite our senses capturing the differing sounds, smells and sights of the newfound place. Every little discovery triggers an excitement that energized our senses, moods and thoughts. We are happy and energetic. But regretfully, when returning to the monotony of our daily life, many of us conveniently forget to tune-in to our surroundings. What does this have to do with the law of attraction?

According to the law of attraction, our thoughts and feeling are easily influenced by the state of our surroundings. What we see, smell and hear can either disturb our energy or produce a similar form positive energy when we are on a holiday. Without realizing how our surrounding is affecting us, how could we possibly change it to remain happy and energetic? Let’s take a moment and look around us. Do you like what you see? Do you like how the sound and smell are affecting you?

The likes and dislikes distinguished by our mind will create ripples that can either balance or disrupts our energy force. What we like excites us strengthens our energy while what we dislike sends negative ripples that throw our energy off-balanced. As the law of attraction states that ‘like attracts like’, the more we dislike our surrounding the more of the same we’ll attract. To remove ourselves from such a disadvantage, it is important that we take some simple steps to energize our surrounding in order to energize ourselves.

Awareness: This is the top most important step to begin with. Most of us have an unconscious habit of allowing negative situations to overwhelm us. We need to consciously recognize and remove this habit that allows frustrations to weaken our positive energies. With practise, it will unblock our positive energies to attract more of the same.

Order: Our energy flows freely when there is order in our surrounding. Orderliness creates peace, motivation and pleasure. With this in mind, good housekeeping should start where we first open our eyes in the morning. Bad time-keeping can send our energy scattering but punctuality commands order that provides for a positive mindset.

Affirmations: Words has power. Be conscious of the words we choose to say in order to maintain a positive outlook. What we say can affect the people around us as much as it can draw the undesired energies in return. Keep a purposeful positive intent to live by each day.

Colors and Light: Colors and light provide life to almost everything around us. They create the setting and ambience in our daily life. Let’s allow colors and light to rejuvenate and maintain our positive outlook through our clothes, the color and lighting in our spaces, the blooms in our garden or even the color of the fonts we use for our work.

Sounds: Every different sound can affect us by altering our thinking and perception. Some triggers anxiety while some have a calming effect on our moods. Pick the right kind of sound to add the perfect ambience in our life or make an effort to remove ourselves from situations where the invading sounds are corrupting our thoughts and emotions.

Scents: The scents coming from our surrounding affects us subliminally. It can distort our mind into disgust and anger or it can create a euphoric state that frees our positive energies. Add desired fragrances into our environment or be conscious to control the effect of smells on our mind where we are unable to remove ourselves.
Keeping ourselves energized is important in order to stay positive and focus on the right thoughts and emotions that draw more of the same into our life. It is a balancing act to plug any leaks that may weaken our positive energies. Being conscious about the pros and cons of our surroundings is part of the deliberate creation to make the law of attraction work in our favor.

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Hi Wenny,

Super LOA breakdown here. Being aware of what's going on around you - and how you respond to it - helps you to shape your life.

Our energy creates our reality. We choose our level of energy, independent of circumstances. Believe this, live by it, and you can mold your dream life.