Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Bubble: Even The Weather Is Worth Rambling!

Some people long for the weather in the tropics! I am sure especially people from the colder parts of the world like North America, Northern Europe, Siberia or even some places Down Under. Judging from the many foreign visitors to my country and my neighboring countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, they must think that living here in the tropics is blissful with fine weather all year round, pristine beaches and swaying palms like in the travel brochures.

I am born and bred in the tropics ... Malaysia to be precise and I can tell you it isn't always bliss but almost blistering at times. The sunny days can become so sweltering hot sometimes that you'd feel your sweat trickling down your cleavage just walking from your porch to the car or be totally drenched by the time you hang up all the laundry outside. Even a person who can't stand the cold like lo kong complains of the heat too!

It is great to have sunny days all the time but it just takes away the fun when the temperature hits 30 degrees Celsius. It's a challenge just to sit still without the air-conditioning. Very often I had to do the rain dance hoping for a relieve from the heat. But these tropical showers just come and go so quickly, funnily their best timing after you had the car washed!

Well, I can't do much about the weather can I? Only if lo kong can be convinced, we can choose to migrate to a colder country like Canada where my nephew lives or perhaps Switzerland where we know no one. Daydream aside, it would be easier to just fork-out more $$$ for the electricity bill, become a nocturnal animal and still live in the familiar home-ground.

Anyway, I am grateful that my homeland is a country that's free from major natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic disruptions and earthquakes. It makes a safe destination to build a humble abode for anyone who enjoys the sun.


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