Friday, August 12, 2011

My Bubble: The Excitement Building Up!

Kiwi fruit in the Land of the KiwisThe excitement is building by the day. In exactly 2 weeks' time, lo kong and myself will be flying to the Land of the Kiwis. It'll be a 2 weeks' holiday but only on the North Island. We'll keep the South Island for another trip. It's been more than a year since we traveled just the two of us. Regretfully, Nick will not be joining us as he's currently undergoing his internship.

As usual, it'll be a free and easy travel for lo kong and myself. We prefer travelling this way as it gives us the freedom to design our own itineraries. The first and only time we had ever follow a tour group, we felt so short-changed. We have vowed never to follow any tour-packaged holidays!

We have booked our return air-tickets and the accommodations for the first three days upon arrival. Boy, 4-star accommodation at the price of a 5-star accommodation in Kuala Lumpur! Anyway, the rest of our stay will be a check-in check-out adventure as we self-drive around the island. We'll take our time visiting the must-see popular attractions and discovering the must-try food specialty while adjusting and rescheduling our itineraries enroute. We have not decided on any specific driving routes yet and hopefully a visit to the Matta Fair this weekend might just give us some great ideas.

First stop in Auckland where lo kong has registered for a full marathon in the first ever Jerry Clayton BMW North Shore Marathon held at The Strand in Takapuna, North Shore. Thankfully my hand will be fully-recovered by then to take his running shots.

We will be enjoying a few days sight-seeing in the city before travelling south to other popular attractions such as the geysers in Rotorua, the glow-worms in Waitomo, the LOTR Hobbits Village near Matamata and Hawke's Bay's finest wineries where lo kong has also registered to participate in the Hawke's Bay Half-Marathon.

Stay tuned for more of our travel adventure and pictures when we return.