Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Bubble: Internship ... A Step Closer!

There's an excitement in the air! It marks some sort of progress. It's a milestone and it is certainly a step closer to the goal!

My son, Nick will be starting his mandatory 4-credit internship this coming Monday at a leading supplier and distributor of the world's best royalty free digital stock photography. The internship is pretty much related to his field of study and he will be paid RM500 per month. His work hours interestingly starts from 9.30am to 6.30pm ... why wasn't this kind of workhours ever available during my time? On top of that, dress code is smart casual ... oh how comfortable!

He had actually gone for an earlier interview at a large communications solution provider and the offer remains open to him anytime he chooses to join them. However, he is more inclined towards the second placement as he will be exposed to areas that are more related to his interest.

Although it is a mere 3-month stint at that organisation, it will definitely be a valuable opportunity for him to gather some real working experience and put those academic theories he studied in college to good use.

All the best my son!!!


2 Bubbles:

Oh how nice! Good luck to your son! : )

Thanks! He does need all the luck he can get :)