Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Change Your Focus And Savor Life!

“I'm a middle-aged lady, freed from the storms of the past and illusions of the future, only to realize the power of NOW. Letting go and embracing change, I've gain strength, courage and confidence through every daily experiences, progressing towards LIVING and LOVING my LIFE more.”

This is my profile and I drafted this while vacationing in Bali. It speaks volumes from my heart because I am reaping the fruits of what I have sowed. I changed my focus. I embraced change. Today I am happily enjoying life!

If you are looking for more out of life, then use the law of attraction to attract what you truly expect out of life. In order to receive the rewarding things in life, it is all about your focus. 90% of it that is! It is truly about making smart choices and giving them your proper attention so that you can experience the fulfillment you are seeking. Just like me, you may be experiencing a time in your life where you are looking for life’s purpose, live to its challenges and enjoy its rewards. But how will the law of attraction put you onto the right focus?

The law of attraction is a very simple principle of ‘like attracts like’ and simply applying it to every aspect of your life will expedite what you want out of life into yours. As you grow and improve through this universal law, you will begin to realize the changes in you where you will;

• Learn to focus on your thoughts and desires to bring out the best in life and spend more time enjoying it.

• Train yourself to think positively and maintain positive habits to improve the quality of your life.

• Allow yourself to receive what you are looking for by thinking about them in a focused and deliberate way.

• Strengthen your own creative energies in order to manipulate the terms of your existence.

• Create greater abundance in life for yourself and your family.

The law of attraction puts everyone on the same level. It builds on the fact that everyone is equal with the same power to create their own reality that suits them the best. Yes, you have the equal power to create your own reality. It may be consciously or probably unconsciously as you may have willingly passed it on to others to create it for you. Everyone is plugged into their daily doses of self-programming to create their reality each day and through the Universe’ orchestration, this leads everyone to be intertwined randomly. The coincidences you see are just the reflected manifestations from everyone brought together by the forces of the Universe.
With the law of attraction, I am where I want to be or perhaps where I am supposed to be through my own conscious efforts and discipline. I created my undesired reality in the past and so have I created my joyful moments today that I am savoring every minute of it!

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