Thursday, September 1, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Don’t Let Misinformed Choices Dampen Your Vacation

Haven’t you realize that you have the power to choose? Yes, you have this power over your life in every situation. Many may not realize it which is why you often hear these words, “I have no choice!”

Rationally, everything that exists in your life comes from a choice, a choice you made some time in the past. Just as deciding to experience joy is no more different than deciding to suffer from fear. You will always have a choice. And the law of attraction continues from the choices you made.

From a joined decision months’ ago, I will be embarking on another vacation abroad with my husband in few days’ time. The excitement of going on another adventure to a different country brings bursts of anticipations plus some anxieties over unavoidable travel risks that may bust our budget during the vacation. Of course it would be unthinkable to throw caution out the window but maintaining reason over the choice of precautions to be observed will certainly allow us to experience a safe and economical vacation that will be treasured for life.

Everyone wants to have a fun-filled and memorable vacation despite the usual risks here and there. But when you let fear rear its ugly head in your mind, it will be difficult for you spot any inaccurate beliefs imposed on you along your journey. You can either decide to face your fears and challenge how you perceive danger and safety or choose to let fear deceive you into making the wrong turns in your every decision-making.

While travelling, you will definitely encounter all sorts of people. Some may amaze you, some excite you, inspire you, annoys you or even those who might freak you out. They merely play an instrumental role to develop your growth as a person. They come across with thought patterns that conflict yours simply because they hold their own beliefs as much as you have to your own. Friends or strangers you meet on your journey may think that they are saving you a lot of trouble when they advised you against certain mode of transport, dining places or food or accommodation or even activities and attractions. This information may be justifiable or unfounded based on their belief that has been wrapped around their own fears. It can go either way. It would be wise to process their perceptions rather than taking it wholly to prevent you from any inaccurate beliefs.

Belief is a choice too and what you believe becomes your perception too. Anyone can perceive danger or safety. Their perceptions are not always the real truths and set in stones. So before you accept someone else’s perception as your own truth, it needs a process of authentication. Real truths will naturally come out when they have been put to the test.

Do not give away your power to choose to others. Do not succumb to your own fears and let others make the choices for you before you even get started. You need to explore the nearest boundaries of your own perception to have an understanding of the real situations, the real risks and the reason behind the biasness in order to make smart choices during your journey. Do not turn a blind eye because observation is important to the authentication process that shapes your belief.
The law of attraction is all about making the smart choices to attracting what you belief most into your existence. What you believe draws your intense focus and however you chose to focus during your travel is what will be reflected into your journey. Use your power to choose joy over fear, fun over drudgery and safety over anxieties during your travels. Remember, whatever you experience is your responsibility.

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