Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Bubble: Lo Kong Did A New PB In North Shore!

It was not originally in the plan to run a marathon, much less 2 separate runs when we first booked our vacation to New Zealand.

However, lo kong being such a running fanatic could not refrain himself from checking out the available marathons over at Kiwiland during the period of our travel. Lucky for him, they had the inaugral Jerry Clayton North Shore Marathon held in Takapuna, just a 10 minutes drive from Auckland City.

The weather was still very cold as it was the end of the winter and also due to the recent polar blast that created a little more unpredictable weather fluctuations. Anyhow, lo kong braved the cold with 2-layers of running vest to come in with a new personal best at 4 hours 22 mins.

As for me, I just soaked in the beautiful weather (cold weather is my favorite) and enjoyed the sights while waiting for lo kong who wasn't far away as he had to loop near the finish line 4 times to complete the 42km.

Congratulations to my lo kong ... not only for finishing the marathon but also single-handedly completing our driving marathon around the North Island.