Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Bubble: Missed The Rugby World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony!

We knew that our planned holiday to New Zealand would coincide with the Rugby World Cup 2011 but we never really paid much attention to it considering lo kong was more into football. In fact, we thought it was timely that we are flying out just a day before the opening ceremony to be held in Auckland City. We could avoid the anticipated crowd we thought!

From the moment we arrived into the city and subsequently everywhere else, we were asked if we were in town for the RWC. Further, we could see the promotions in progress to build up the momentum towards the start of the game. How are we not to catch that rugby fever while we were there?!!

Regrets ... regrets ... regrets!!!

By the last leg of our drive when we returned to the city, we wished we could extend our stay over to the weekend. Just enough to see the RWC opening ceremony live. Instead we were watching the fantastic fireworks live on Astro Supersport back in Malaysia while in a jet-lagged mode!


2 Bubbles:

You're lucky to get out of there. I read in the NZ papers that it was quite a mess - jams, accidents and what not... I wouldn't want to be there - never into sports of any kind. LOL!!!

That was what we thought we'd like to miss out on initially but having caught some of their rugby fever ... we wouldn't mind ending our vacation with a little oomph from this once in a lifetime opportunity.