Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Bubble: My Luckiest Trip Ever!!

It was a dream come true holiday for me as I’ve been longing to visit this country for ages. It can be considered to be my most relaxed and enjoyable 2-week vacation ever!

A momento from Skycity Hamilton ...
lo kong forgot to keep one from  Skycity Auckland
We took a 10-day scenic drive in a campervan, exploring the countryside and several small towns around the North Island in New Zealand. Regretfully, two weeks were just not enough as we only managed to hurriedly cover less than half within that time span. Not to mentioned, having to accommodate hubby’s passion for running when we scheduled timely connections for a day’s full marathon run in Auckland and another for a half-marathon nearby the seaside city of Napier. At the end of our campervan adventure, we return to Auckland and did a closing ceremony of our wonderful holiday at the Skycity Casino.

I had never been successful at gambling although I’ve been to Genting Highlands on so many occasions. The casinos are usually the luckier than me. Not feeling any luckier that day, I asked from hubby one NZ$2 coin to give a shot at one of the many slot machines. Should be sufficient, after all I only intended to play on those one cent machines only. Hubby gave 5 coins instead.

Carrying no expectations but only hoping to while my time away while hubby tried his hand on the table games, I scanned around for a one cent machine that would catch my eyes. No sooner I was attracted to a Pink Panther slot machine, put in one coin and started rolling. It was a losing game from the start and I was finally left with only one credit. Well, it’s do or die and I pressed the button expecting to leave. To my surprise, the game was far from over. Something matched and my credit increased topped with several rounds of free games, I continued playing for almost an hour on that machine. My credit point stacked, my capital recouped and my winnings going to as high as NZ$190. My heart was beating faster with every press of the button and gosh, this is only a one cent slot machine. Then greed sets in as I continued playing and lost some of winnings back. I finally decided to cash out before I suffer a heart attack!

It may be a small amount to those seasoned gamblers but never ever could I imagine myself winning anything at gambling, much less winning NZ$150 with only a capital of NZ$2. This is indeed my luckiest trip ever! Now, let’s do a conversion into Malaysian Ringgit. I think it’s more than enough to go for a seafood binge in Port Klang!

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