Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Bubble: Riding High In Rotorua ...

We skipped breakfast just to catch Lady Knox but it was worthwhile eventhough we now know it's not so much of a natural geyser. Imagine the works of Mother Nature with a fixed timetable?

Hungry and way past lunch-time, we return to the city centre and had a hearty lunch at a pub called "Pig & Whistle", a local landmark we found on the GPS. As usual, the ferocious appetite that followed our extreme hunger pangs gave way to ambitious ordering. In the end, we had to 'ta pow' my portion which ended finger-licking good in the comfort of our campervan that night.

After our late lunch, we headed to the popular attraction at Skyline Rotorua which is like a mini adventure park for the family. Just on the outskirts of the city, it is set high on the side of Mount Ngongotaha that gave a panoramic view of the city, Lake Rotorua and the surrounding areas. We rode up the hill on the gondola travelling along a 900m cableway to the top complex. It costs us NZ$25 per person and I'd say it's just not worth it! Should have gone for a one-hour horseback trekking adventure instead. It would have been double the price but I am very sure it will be more adventurous for our time (*slight regrets*).

No doubt, the gondola ride up the hill was scenic and the view from the top complex was equally great but the downside was that we paid so much for a ride that lasted no more than 10 minutes one way. We had our free coffee at the Terraces Cafe and took the gondola downhill about half-an-hour later. On our way out, we also grabbed a momento of our ride on the gondola at NZ$35 that came with printouts of our picture in 4 different layouts, 2 keychains and postcards. We can also download more copies of the pictures from their site with a given ID which we did upon our return home. Kinda expensive don't you think?

Despite an original plan to stay 2 nights in Rotorua, we changed our minds and drove on to the next destination.


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