Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Bubbles ...


Gracious God, Heavenly Father,
I thank Thee with my whole heart,
That Thou hast in safety brought us to our journey’s end,
And that to my joy, Thy holy angels have led us back to my family.

Father, Thou hast also kept us from all evil,
Prevented untoward incidences and harm from us.
Thou hast led us in safety as the Angel Raphael led the young Tobias.
All this I owe to Thy paternal care and almighty protection.

In mercy keep me and mine,
Take us under Thy mighty protection,
And by Thy power preserve body and soul unto eternal life for Jesus Christ’s sake.


2 Bubbles:

This is one of the most genuine prayers I've ever read.

Thanks Rick! It wasn't composed by me but it still spoke thousands from my heart all the same.