Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Life is indeed Good!!!

I am so grateful how good life is treating me today. I am so grateful that lo kong and I had been kept safe during our wonderful trip to Kiwiland.  I am so grateful how well the weather has been treating me since my return.  I am so grateful that my son, Nick had kept the fort safe and sound while we had been away.  I am even more thankful that the Lord had kept a watchful eye over him too!

Not forgetting, I am also grateful that lo kong managed to find his wedding band that had slipped off his fingers at one of the camper sites during our vacation.  Almost a week into our vacation, it seemed that lo kong's fingers had shrunk due to the cold.  He had shown me the night before how the ring could so easily slip in and out of his finger but it never crossed both our minds to totally remove it for safekeeping.

That morning we had already checked out of the Westshore Holiday Park in Napier and was just about to drive off from the nearby Hawke's Bay Seafoods where we just had a sumptuous breakfast of their signature fish and chips.  We checked our campervan as well as the eatery.  Still unable to find it, we decided to return to the camper site which was just about 5 minutes away.  While I searched the grounds retracing our steps, lo kong checked the toilet.  Thank God!  He found it on the floor of the toilet right as he stepped in.  He was elated and I was just so relieved that no one had stumbled on it.  Else it would have been gone forever!

Assuming it could not be found, it would have been a costly loss since the current 916 gold price is going at about RM205/gram.  However, due to its priceless sentimental value ... it would have been a even bigger loss!


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LOL!!! My wedding band? I think it's somewhere in the closet - I've grown too fat and I would never be able to get it on my finger anymore. LOL!!!

LOL ~ but i heard that the jewellers have a way to expand it for you.

Hi Wenny,

Awesome practice! Gratitude is a conduit to good. Be grateful for things, more good things to be grateful for come to you.

I'm happy to hear about the ring too ;)

Enjoy your weekend!


Yeah, praise the Lord he found it back. This was one of the incidences where the Lord was keeping a close eye on us.