Friday, October 21, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Do You Have An Action Plan?

One of the biggest misconceptions about the law of attraction is that it only requires you to put images of what you want in your mind, sit back and just wait for it to happen to you. I’d call this wishful thinking.

The law of attraction is not a lazy proposition to you. It is delusional to think that your visualization alone can get you what you want without any action. Although visualization plays a key role in this universal law, it is not without the need for follow-up actions to support your desired outcome. Without going through the motion, you are practically telling the Universe that whatever you are visualizing are not important to you. You can achieve all the great things you want in life but in order to do so you will need to plan your actions and roll them out in order to override your preconditioned habits that have not been doing you any good this far.

Your action plan is your inspired process to take as many proactive steps necessary towards achieving your visions while integrating your positive thoughts and feelings into it. Through your improving positive mental attitude and with some help from your subconscious thoughts that have been laying in wait for you all these years, you will somehow know by yourself what actions to take and when.

This misconception about the law of attraction is normally held by people who do not fully understand how this universal law is applied. Anyone who fully comprehends this law of attraction will know that it only works in the following equation:

Thoughts + Feeling + Actions = Results

Obviously if you have come to this final step of manifesting your destiny, you are no novice as to what you need to do. You know an action plan will put you in the driver seat towards your destination, help you to battle procrastination and provide you the balance scorecard that will keep you forging forward. The more you plan your action to manifest successfully, the stronger is your message to the Universe about the importance of your desires to you.

So have you got your action plan to succeed yet? Here’s a simple tip to get you on your way with your law of attraction action plan.

1. Work on your action plan during your private time when you can relax and concentrate on your visualization uninterrupted.

2. Make notes of the ideas that are developing in your mind as to how you will achieve your visions.

3. Initial ideas may not be forthcoming with ease and may also be erratic but get them listed down just the same.

4. Remember you do not need to fuss with the details as they can be reviewed and fine-tuned later.

5. Review your notes over and over as more details developed to build a clearer focus and new ideas popped to mind to keep you motivated.

This is the last step towards manifesting your destiny. A law of attraction action plan will help you stay focused and motivated as you take proactive steps towards achieving your visions. This is your part in the deliberate creation process that will change your life in the direction of your choice.

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let the thoughts and feelings consume you to the point that all actions are consciously or subconsciously directed towards your desired results :)

Yes, how true! It definitely needs work to change our habits into the positive ones that are in harmony with our thoughts and emotions in order for the Universe to work accordingly. Thanks for your confidence.

Hi Wenny
Great post. That inspired action is key. You are right, the visualization is only the first step. Ridding ourselves of those counterproductive habits and replacing them with better ones is not an option, but a necessity to make any real change.

Thanks Kelli. It's great to receive your encouraging words.