Friday, October 28, 2011

My Bubble: Winding Down To Te Kuiti

After all the madness of rushing along the Taihape Road to Turangi and several minor changes to our campsite choices ... we were ahead of plans by a full day. As we headed down to Te Kuiti where we will be putting up a night, we began to wind down our pace to a leisurely drive and took time to enjoy the landscapes along the way. The subsequent attraction we were looking forward to was the Waitomo Caves where we will be going on caves exploration and watch glow worms dance but short of black water rafting.

2 Bubbles:

What gorgeous shots Wenny!

I am so happy you are enjoying your travels. Maybe Kelli and I will head there next ;)

Thanks for sharing :)


It is a beautiful country. The people are warm and friendly. I hope to go there again but on the South Island next year end.