Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Note Of Awareness #17

You’ve got your action plan. The law of attraction requires you to move into action NOW!

It is time to just do it and keep going at it no matter what. You will come face to face with various difficult moments that rear their ugly heads, aimed to dissuade you from continuing with your pursuits towards what you want in life.

If believing in the law of attraction inspires you to have a better life, to set some of your goals and reach for your treasured dreams, then your belief system is going to be your strongest ally. Always keep your mind firmly focused on your final desired outcome and keep your motivation high by constantly revisiting your law of attraction action plan. Do this and you will have come full circle.

3 Bubbles:

Great advice. Walk on with faith, hope and love in your heart...and you'll never walk alone.

Good advice. I wasted a few years staying in a job partially out of spite. I "won", but lost.

Loved the encouragements. Blog-friends like you guys really strengthen my motivations and perseverance. Thanks guys!