Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poetry: Life Is A Journey

Poetry by: R.S. Mallari (SpK)

Sail, explore the vastness
Feast on the bounty
There is more to life
In between pain and despair

Surf, ride along the possibilities
Chances can’t be scarce
To those who search
Success won’t be far away

Float; run with the wind of change
Lots of riddles to be solved
Life is a quest, a voyage
Uncertainties make it a challenge

Getaway, leave the crib of doubt
In your hand, the power
Inside you, the great fire
Let it flare; shine and be at the top


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Hi Wenny,
I just found your blog today - congratulations! I think it must be a good place inside your bubble :0)

Thanks for dropping by. It is indeed an awesome place!

you're welcomed! this poem is written by a Filipino poet.