Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Today I am older! Oh gosh, I am getting OLDER!!  My goodness, I am OLD!!!

Has anyone realized that time flies at an ever-accelerating rate as we get older? One of the hypothesis found argues that the way we perceive time changes depends on whether we are focused on the 'NOW', the past or the future and whether we have a positive or negative view of our past and future. I am inclined to agree that being focused on the 'NOW' in our most positive light would see time passing at a quicker pace as it is an indication that we are enjoying our life at the fullest. One of the best example to attest this is when we are on a vacation. I think all, if not most of you would agree with this observation right?

Anyway, fast or slow there is always something worthwhile to be thankful for irrespective big or small, good or bad. I don't know about you but I am simply grateful this week for;

1. My faith and my God!
2. My family that loves and lasts forever!
3. My blog that's my outlet for healing and abundance!
4. People who touches my life every day!
5. Growing old gracefully!
6. Just being ME ME ME!!!

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Excellent Wenny! Now exists, so being grateful Now changes our reality Now, making us a magnet to good as we see more good things in our lives.

Thanks for sharing!


awesome. we should always be grateful for our everyday. sometimes things amy seem tough but otehrs may even be having it tougher than us.

for me...i am always grateful to be surrounded by people who love me. am graeteful that i am able to walk, listen, talk, hear and eat...

So true Evelyn ... if we think we had it bad we are definitely wrong. There are so many who are worst off than we are and yet they are still capable of being grateful for whatever that's happening in their life. So why can't we, right?

Thanks Ryan! It's my pleasure to share. Being grateful keeps us positive and increases our good vibes to the Universe.

Hi Wenny
Good for you for choosing to consciously focus on things to be grateful for. All too often, we are inclined to focus on what we do not like and do not have and fail to see all the good in our lives already. Not only does this focus make us feel better, it creates an energy to receive more good things.

Thanks for the wonderful comments Kelli. I find focusing on positive stuff, being grateful makes me happy and notice even the littlest blessings of the day.