Friday, November 11, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Accelerate It With Laughter!

Do you believe that laughter can have an effect on your body? In recent decades, there have been many research carried out on the effects of laughter on the body and these are some of the interesting information found.

• Laughter can affect the blood flow – it helps your blood vessels to behave normally as they expand and contract easily.

• Laughter can affect the immune response – it raises the level of infection-fighting antibodies to boost to your immune system.

• Laughter burns calories – an estimated 10-15 minutes of laughter can burn up to 50 calories.

• Laughter can affect the blood sugar level – it lowers the blood sugar levels.

Laughter is a natural process and when you laugh, you change physiologically. You stretch the muscles throughout your face and body. Your pulse rate and blood pressure goes up and you breathe faster, sending more oxygen to your cells and tissues. You will begin to notice your feelings of anxiety giving way to optimism and euphoria.

Without the scientific vocabulary, most people will not deny the fact that laughter does help to alleviate their negative senses, even if it is only for a short duration. Laughter can be a great resource to accelerate the law of attraction by raising your energy level to enable the manifestation process to become easier, faster and seamless.

“At the height of laughter, the Universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.”
~ Jean Houston

When you laugh, your brain responds by opening up to new perceptions. Your amusement creates your energetic state of being joyful that dispels anger, heals pain and releases stress. You are sending a signal to your brain that you are in a state of happiness and relaxation. Correspondingly, your brain will shift your negative thoughts and emotions to the positive. The law of attraction will respond to your renewed vibration and deliver more of the same in return to you.

It may not be possible to raise a laugh when the most adverse situations are happening in your life. As an adult, you live in a world of seriousness that comes with the responsibility towards yourself, family, friends and work. The heavy burden of seriousness breeds worry, frets, rigidity, anger, low self-esteem and could sometimes lead to depression.

The law of attraction says, “like attracts like.” Therefore during these situations, you are more likely to be vibrating at negative frequencies that attract the same adverse situations again and again. However said, these situations are incapable of controlling your face and bodily muscles. Laughter can be a powerful tool to fight against negativity because you can’t be happy and sad at the same time. It clears your mind to heal your vibrations that you sent out to the Universe. It restores your hope for the goodness to flow into your life again.

Laughter heals

It doesn’t hurt any worst to put aside your adverse situations temporarily and tune to something amusing to create the laughter that will turn your vibration into positive frequencies. Think of something silly, make monkey faces at yourself or watch a comedy video to start a smile on your face. You will gain clarity of mind that allows the law of attraction to deliver the solutions or answers you seek. Having solutions can change your mood and energy level to follow through with all the necessary actions. It is good to always remember this equation:

Laughter = [Positive Energy + Energized Actions] = Change

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Hi Wenny,
Very nice and inspiring thoughts!

Love the new pics of yours ...looking
sweet and gorgeous!

Thank you so much dear! Glad you like the post. Have a wonderful 11.11.11!

I believe. But I didn't know all of these facts, thanks for sharing.

You're welcomed Rick. Let's laugh more and boost our energy levels. I usually found some reads to smile about in your blog ... keep'em coming!

Hi Wenny
This is a great post. Interesting facts you stated...I guess laughter really is the best medicine! You are right, adult life is filled with "seriousness" and so many find it hard to truly have joy in their lives, but it really comes down to choice. Choosing to be happy and choosing to put out vibes that will bring more to us.

Thanks Kelli. Appreciate the encouragement and support. Receiving them from all my friends in the blogosphere always never fail to put a smile on face and a boost to my positive energy level.