Monday, November 7, 2011

My Bubble: Discovering Waitomo Caves Part 3

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves in the North Island is uniquely known for its population of these curiously luminescent glowworms. These glowworms can astutely spin a nest out of silk on the ceiling of the cave and then hang down. When the larva glows to attract prey into its threads, correspondingly the roof of the cave naturally concocts a resplendent “star-system” of its own.

After a short brief at the start of our tour, we entered into the cave that was almost the same as the earlier 2 caves. Our guide was an old man probably in his late 50's with years of experience about the caves. Again we were not allowed to take photos in this cave as we listened and followed him. Soon we came to a dock where it was totally dark. It was quite terrifying actually because it was really pitch black that I can't see even my hands. I could hear water sound as we lined to get onto the boat for a river ride. I could feel myself getting a bit off-balance in the complete darkness as we get onto the boat tethered to the dock. Once all settled in, the guide pushes the boat off the dock and we started to glide along the river. My eyes had since adjusted and I could look through the darkness.

Then we were told to be completely silent as we glide on. All I could see was blue lights overhead. They twinkled like stars. Like a canopy of tree branches, the lights are like a tapestry, woven together. Somehow they looked like blue-lit clovers in the sky to me.

It was truly an awesome experience although we could not capture any photos inside. Even if we were allowed, it would have been a real challenge to capture any pictures in the that darkness.

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