Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Note Of Awareness #20

The law of attraction is always at work with God … the Source of all things, to manifest good for the well-beings of everyone. It is how the Source of all things is giving you your very own Divine Power to create your life through your own choices of how you feel. Remember, how you feel determines how your energy vibrates to the Universe.

Your Divine Power is the source of infinite abundance. Through centuries, the great sages and saints of all religions have learned to rely on their Divine Power to attained not only wisdom , enlightenment in some cases but also taking care of the food, clothing and shelter needs of their human bodies. They had complete trust in the Source!

To work with the law of attraction is to return to the Source of all things in order to receive your Divine Power. The Source is always open twenty-four-seven. You have to trust that you can go to the Source for anything you desire at any time. Your Divine Power does not mean that you are more powerful or better than God but you are an extension of the Source of all things who deserves all things. If you do not believe you deserve all the good things in life, the law of attraction will not bestow good things on you.

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"In God We Trust--all others pay cash" is one of my favorite signs ever. =)

Sorry Rick, I think I am a little lost here. Anyway, glad you had a good read though. Cheers!