Friday, December 9, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Is Patience Your Missing Link?

Do you put a timeframe or deadline on your desires to get manifested? Sadly if you do, this will be a compulsion that will simply impede the progress of your manifestations. Your need to control when and how your manifestation becomes a reality tantamount to unrealistic expectations. Unfulfilled expectations within your set timeframe can lead to disappointments. Disappointment is the big ‘No-No’ that can have an unfortunate trigger to break down your belief system that the law of attraction is working for you at the moment.

When you truly believe in the power of the law of attraction, you know you can handover your trust to the Universe to know what’s best for you. You will allow time to run its course before you ‘reap what you sow’ and meanwhile allow yourself to relax and go with the flow. This is called patience!

Patience must be cultivated and it is one of the most challenging traits to be instilled as a habit. Lack of patience can have drastic effects on both your personality as well as your health. Impatience creates irritability, anger, stress, hastiness and dissatisfaction that will take away your ability to deal with instant gratification even when blessings are sitting right under your nose. You lose control of your positive thought patterns and emotions which will not augur well for the law of attraction to work in the way you want it to. All the rushing and chaotic energy you put forth will only serve to bring more of the same to you. You’ll just be like running a race that sees no ending line. You turned into a pessimist with life and end-up being a magnet that attracts all the things you do not want into your life.

You must have heard of the saying that “Patience is a Virtue.” Where the law of attraction is concern, patience is an important link to keep your belief system intact. Having patience is to believe that you deserve all the good things in life, believing that everything has been set in motion for you right now, believing that it is coming your way this instant and believing in the Universe to know the perfect time and place for the good things to happen in your life. When you realized the significant correlation between patience and the law of attraction, you will understand that nothing happens before its time. You will not be able to make things happen any faster than they are going to. You just do your part and the Universe will do its part as the law of attraction continually brings about more of the positive energies you are giving out.

Patience allows you some space for stillness and reflection where you will have the opportunity to draw on inspirations and listen to ideas that inspire you into action to move steps closer to your desires. You are more focus, productive and enjoy all the things that are unfolding before you. When you are patient enough to wait for your desires to be manifested into reality, you are in actual fact increasing your self-belief, a trust in yourself to do the right thing.

Be mindful that using the law of attraction to manifest your desires is not something that happens overnight. John D. Rockefeller, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson or even J.K. Rowling did not become rich and successful overnight. Each of them had adopted patience to link them to their fortunes.

“Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is active; it is concentrated strength.”
~ Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

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Ofcourse there is this law of attraction working for all of those who patiently, faithfully and determinently is waiting for their desires to be accomplished. There is this saying that if we truly desire something exhibing all the patience and the right faith, all the universe conspires in your favour and makes things work. Besides God is not so stubborn hearted to test us beyound we can take it.

We are so like-minded Elvirah. The Universe is constantly orchestrating what is best for us in unbiased ways. We just have to keep her in the know what we truly want and let her complete her best masterpiece as she deems fit!

I've read in Think and Grow Rich that It's important to have goal and exact date we want to acheive our goal on written down on a paper. When we write down date, our mind is conditioned somehow to work towards goal faster(faster than when date is not mentioned). If I say I want to earn 1 million dollors by jan 30 2014.I'll work towards acheiving the goal. If not $1 million I would somehow manage to get around half a million depending upon my actions, faith and persistence. I may get 1 million. But without setting time or date, my actions will be slower. I doubt if I would even manage to get close to half a million. I agree with your point that patience is important but one must know when things go wrong, rather than waiting for things to happen we must change our course of action and act upon acheiving goals

Hi Akhilesh Rana, you are not mistaken in your opinion. It is right that one must be able to detect that things are not going in the right direction, correct it and continue with pursuit.

Patience is an important factor to give time for the Universe to orchestra everything for you. It means not giving up even if it takes a bit longer than expected. Giving up too soon to correct situations may just alter what the Universe has orchestrated for you. However, giving up too late and you will probably be receiving more of what you don't want. Only you will personally know if things are working out in the right direction, how much time should be given before correcting it according to your ideals and knowledge and then continue with your pursuits of your dream.

Patience means not being too stressed out or over-worked yourself to make your dreams come true. You have to relax and enjoy the process. Your dreams may not worked out according to your expectations because the Universe knows what's best and the perfect timing. Keep up your good faith in the law of attraction and trust your own instinct. Do not give up!