Friday, December 2, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Seek Out Joy And Abundance Follows!

You are reading this article right now because you have made a choice to be here. My warmest appreciation goes to you for your interest in this read. Where do you go from here is again based entirely on your next decision.

Obviously you and I are likeminded people. We share an interest in the most powerful tool from the Universe. Your attachment to the law of attraction clearly represents your intention to use this universal law to add value to your life’s journey. You have made your choice and have chosen to intentionally and deliberately use the law of attraction to benefit yourself.

We all know that the law of attraction depends very much on our feelings and thoughts. How you feel and what you think constantly influence the state of your attraction. The Universe is constantly listening to your vibrations irrespective it is positive or negative. The more you have the feel good thoughts the higher you vibrate your positive energies to the Universe. Just like any practitioner of this universal law, you and I seek to enjoy a meaningful life where joy and abundance prevails. Therefore, all we want is to vibrate only positive energies and the higher the better.

“Joy is the ultimate emotional destination, the highest energy and vibration and 
the footsteps along the path of 
a deliberately created life.” 
~ Anne Aleckson ~

So what is Joy? Joy is a celebration of your happiness from the immense positive emotions driven by your gratitude for everything that is happening in your life regardless good or bad. Gratitude in all things makes you feel that your life is on track and being thankful changes your thought patterns from the negative to the positive. Joy elevates your positive energy to a constant state of positive attraction. The law of attraction says, “like attracts like.” So when you have found joy, you are in harmony with the Universe and you will attract all the things, people and events that are aligned with your desire. You are connected to the Source of all things to receive all the abundance that have been waiting for you.

Does this sound simple? Maybe yes and perhaps not but it is entirely up to you to decide. Life is precious and time is as precious too. The choices you make today determine how well you will live your life with every next second of the day. Therefore, it is worthwhile to put whatever matters to you most right at the forefront. For a start, you can figure out all things that make you thankful today.

The law of attraction is constantly at your disposal. It is always there whether you are aware of it or not and it works. Seek out your joy now by allowing your gratitude to grow on you and intensify your positive energies. While you enjoy life’s journey by living consciously in the present and celebrating every moment that come to pass, you are strengthening your power to attract more abundance into your life.

There are no promises that your life will instantly change for the better just by reading this article. Your actions after this will have a lot to do with your success. This is merely an encouragement for you to adopt a powerful law from the Universe that is readily at your disposal to make a big difference to the quality of your life journey.

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