Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Bubble: Lassitude & Breakouts!

Eversince my return from Singapore a week ago, I have been listless and lacked inspirations to pen any articles and poems. Thankfully, I managed to complete my assignments without a hitch.

I've got a running nose, sore-throat, cough and luckily minus any fever. It's put me back for more than 10 days now from hitting the gym. Furthermore, there is these mysterious breakouts all over my face which started while I was in Singapore. At first I thought it was caused by the hotel towel but since it has been getting worse by the day, that could not possibly be the reason anymore. The only change in my daily personal care regimen is the inclusion of a new facial wash. It was supposedly a natural-based Aloe wash but I am discontinuing for awhile to see the outcome. These breakouts are really adding to the weariness of the moment. I NEED a cheer-up!!

The best way to cheer yourself up is
to try to cheer somebody else up!

'Mark Twain'

2 Bubbles:

Hope you're feeling much better now. It's the weather...

I actually love the cool rainy weather of late but I guess it must be so because a number of my friends are under the weather too.

I'm getting better thank you and hopefully can perk things up some more.