Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Bubble: Packing Up For Heart Of Asia!

One cabin-sized trolley luggage and one camera backpack ... I'm all set to go! Hello Taiwan, here I come!!

Departing tomorrow at 10.05am, our group which includes another marathoner and his wife will touch down in Taipei after four-and-a-half hours' flight. I've never been to Taiwan yet and it was never on our travel agenda anytime soon. However, since lo kong and the other marathoner, Uncle Chew had made a pact to run two full marathons back-to-back within 2 days over New Year's eve and New Year's day, here's another unexpected destination to add to my globetrotting experience.

Lo kong and Uncle Chew will be running at the Freeway No.4 National Marathon in Taichung on 31 December followed by the Jong-liao-shan New Year Marathon in Kaohsiung City the next day. Fingers-crossed, when they finished both races within the qualifying time, we will have 2 fourth-level Iridium Marathon Maniacs!! Uncle Chew is currently the third-level Gold Marathon Maniac as he has already completed more than 18 full-marathons in the last 5 months. Any runners out there interested to be Marathon Maniacs can check it out here.

As for me, I am looking forward to the Tastes of Taiwan. Taiwan is well-known for its plethora of street food and it has been said that there is a snack shop every three steps and there's a restaurant at every five. They serve all sorts of Chinese food from roast ducks, Taiwan burgers, hotpots to stinky tofu. Anyhow, first on my list is the Oyster Mee Sua. I've tasted the Malaysian-made and now's my chance to compare with the authentic one. What better ways to find these delicacies than to visit their night markets where these snacks can be found in abundance. In short, looks like our Taiwanese adventure will be around night markets with a snack gastronomy!!

Photo taken from Nino's blog:
"my kwai-lo blogfriend married & living in Taiwan"

After four days of food exploration in Taiwan, it will be a four-month fat busting punishment back home!

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Back to back marathon?!! No wonder la i often saw him running alone at Kota kemuning. That was his secret training :).

Enjoy Taiwan!!

No secret training la dear. He just need to do the necessary to get ready for the back-to-back marathon. If not, nanti kenot finish wor.

Welcome to Taiwan, Wenny! :)

Hope you really enjoy the food and everything else on this beautiful island. The weather must be much better in the south, don't expect too much for Taipei :)

Happy new year.

Hi Nino, overall I enjoyed the weather there, especially Taipei and Taichung. It was a bit more warmer in Kaohsiung, especially in Jong Liao Shan where the sun was blazing from 11am onwards.

I am in awe with the civic-mindedness of the Taiwanese. The people are simply so warm and friendly. Cleanliness is so awesome and everyone queues up patiently for everything from food to the loo! And the food gloriously mind-blowing ... I broke my diet!!