Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Note Of Awareness #22

The law of attraction opens the door to abundance and only requires from you one simple task … to seek out the joys in your life regardless of the situations that may be circulating through your life.

Joy is the positive emotion of celebrating happiness and gratitude. It has been said to be the core of every inner being. You can’t control how others feel and think but you can certainly control your own. Your deliberate choice of feel good thoughts allows you to connect with your inner being … the person you truly are. When you are connected with your inner being, your joy becomes automated and you will predominantly be in a state of positive attraction.

Find the time to write down your gratitude list and tune in with your inner being to activate those joys in your life. The more you focus on your joys, the higher your positive attraction. The higher your positive attraction, the clearer and purer your positive signal is sent out to the Universe. In return, the more abundance is delivered to you.

"Seek joy. Seek joy until you know that you cause joy. 
Cause joy until you know you are joy."
~ Cindy Teevens ~

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