Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Joined lo kong and friends at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore over the weekend and returned past midnight Tuesday. As I picked up the daily rhythm again while fulfilling some assignments, I have gone from tired to lethargic to under-the-weather. Despite the draggy pace, the week just zoomed by so very quickly.

It's reflection time again ... let's talk about gratitude!

Gratitude is a really powerful tool that will assist us to live a more meaningful life. However, some may ask how can they feel gratitude when they do not feel like they have anything to be thankful for.

Life is precious and so is time. Sometimes we will never know the true value of a moment until it has become a memory. If we learn not to take things for granted, there will always be something to be grateful for regardless it is big or small or whether our life is good or miserable. The choice is yours!

This week I fill my random list of gratitude as follows;

1. I am grateful that the whole family had a safe trip to Singapore.
2. I am grateful that both lo kong and son successfully completed their respective races at SCMS 2011.
3. I am grateful for the variety of travels lo kong and I made this entire year and with the year drawing to a close, we will be celebrating New Year in Taiwan.
4. I am grateful that my son has successfully completed his work internship for his college diploma.
5. I am so grateful that many of my dreams have manifested into reality and many more are in the works!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your peace that rules my heart. 
I choose Your peace today and thank You for guiding my every step. 
I choose to be thankful today and bless You for Your faithfulness. 
In Jesus Name. 

2 Bubbles:

i agree :) just the fact that we get to wake up to another day is already a reason to be grateful :)

Agreed Roma! It is impossible to not be thankful at any time of the day. Even each breath we take is something worth being thankful for.

Life may be miserable at times or sometimes longer for others, but behind every pain or tribulation, we can always find some thankfulness.

It is great to hear from Roma. Merry Christmas!!!