Friday, January 6, 2012

Law Of Attraction: Do Positive Thoughts Heal?

Do you believe that positive thinking has power? Firm believers of the law of attraction will definitely argue in its truth because they know that miracle cures do occur where medicine and science cannot yet explain. They believe that the healing power actually lies within us.

Positive thinking makes us feel good but of course, it is naturally hard to maintain an optimistic frame of mind during our most critical hours or predicaments. However, science has managed to show that even the most negative people can re-wire their state of mind and focus to become positive thinkers. The power of healing is not possible without our own intervention. Treatments with drugs and medicines need to be supported by positive thoughts. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that positive thinking can help to support the healing of our ailments, whether they are physical or psychological.

I know the first question that strikes your mind is, “do we just think of happy thoughts and everything will become perfect?” Regretfully, it is a “No.” There’s a little more intricate explanation to this mind-body connection and it requires a little more effort from you to make it happen.

According to the law of attraction, our thoughts create and control our reality. Positive thinking is our mindset and it’s the way we look at the world around us. It’s a way of using our thoughts to help us move forward rather than letting them keep us feeling trapped and discouraged in our current state helplessness. All that’s needed is to start with one positive vision of the good health we are seeking.

The law of attraction states that we are all made up of energies that vibrate according to the quality of our thoughts and emotions we concentrate on the most. Everything is energy and everything flows in the direction where our attention grows. Our brain is a highly efficient system that is connected to every living cell in our body and this massive concentration of our positive thoughts and emotions will inevitably trigger a bodily chemical reaction. Our bodies do react to our positive thoughts which influence our endocrine system that offers a self-suggestive boost to our immune system.

Positive thoughts are essential to produce the positive results. Yet it must be reminded that relying solely on positive thinking can be damaging and dangerous unless practiced concurrently with a proper diet, exercise, meditation, prayer and entirely not to be forgotten, our prescribed medications.

We have all learned from the advocates of the law of attraction that positive thoughts without inspired actions lead to nothing. To sit on one’s laurel and expect our positive thoughts to turn our health into the pink is an utter waste of time!

Here are some simple steps to complement our efforts in maintaining a positive and relaxing focus on our healing process;

• Believe in the power of our thoughts.
• Think or speak aloud our intention.
• Close our eyes and imagine ourselves in the healing process or as we want to be.
• Be aware as our body begins heal from within.
• Feel the positive changes taking place.
• Acknowledge proofs that healing is being accomplished.

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