Saturday, January 14, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Today's Saturday already?! Oh my oh my ... time flies even faster when we're so busy in the thick of things. It is time for another reflection of the week passed. As usual, this post is the easiest entry of the week. I'm never at a loss for thankfulness.

How about you my dear blog-friends? Do you practice a gratitude exercise in your life? Adopting an attitude for gratitude can be life changing ... trust me!

Here's my list of random gratitude for the past week;

1. I am grateful for the wonderful ideas I'm receiving to write my articles on the law of attraction and cash gifting.

2. I am grateful for all the payments received for my writing projects at hand.

3. I am grateful that I am improving my running distance each week ... I've finally passed the 10km distance again after such a long time break.

4. I am grateful that I am able to keep my blood-glucose level under control ... thankfully through all the running.

5. I am grateful for the beautiful cloudy weather this past week.

Everyone knows that gratitude makes you happier and healthier. If you invest in a way of seeing the world that is mean and frustrated, you're going to get a world that is, well, more mean and frustrating. But if you can find any authentic reason to give thanks, anything that is going right with the world or your life, and put your attention there, then statistics say you're going to be better off.

You can use a simple gratitude exercise that is convenient for you to put yourself in a better mood. It can be a quick exercise as quick as two minutes per week. Having really good moods are like gold dust, don't you agree?

What are you thankful for today?

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