Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Bubble: Counting My Losses!

Finally I'm back home ... after 5 days gallivanting in HongKong. Since being bitten by the travel bug, I love to travel but I hate the packing and unpacking ... it's so much the spoiler at the prelude or end of any holidays. Despite being very displeased about it, I guess I still have to tell myself to ... "JUST DO IT!"

Lo kong cleared his luggage the moment we reached home yesterday night, leaving his load of dirty laundries for me to wash this morning. As I unpacked my luggage, I somehow realized that I have more new clothes than I have of dirty laundries. WoW!!! Did I really do so much shopping? It certainly didn't feel so when I was there!

Next best thing to do ... just see what are the damages and count my losses! Now let's see ...

1 x Bossini Ladies Winter Jacket
1 x Bossini Long-sleeved Shirt
1 x Hang Ten Ladies Wind-breaker
3 x Giordano T'shirts
5 x Esprit Cotton Blouses
1 x Adidas Running Tights

Missing ones are in the wash!

All the above only totalled HK$1,063 which is only a slightly more than MYR400. Not too bad ... the damage was very very negligible or else, lo kong wouldn't have been encouraging me to buy buy buy!!!

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