Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Note Of Awareness #31

Practising the law of attraction … I know you are asking “where do I start?”

Where do I start?

As with anything you do in your life, remember it always begin with one step at a time. The biggest trap in your life is to be greedy and try everything at once. So is the law of attraction … attract only one thing at a time unless you find that you can attract things to you quite easily. But if you are still a beginner, focus only on one thing. It helps a lot.

I know you have learned all these stuffs about the law of attraction but the key now is to activate your focus … give your attention to only one thing at a time and sticking with it until it becomes a habit and routine. This creates persistence that develops your awareness between positive and negative thoughts. Know that you are making it easier to cultivate your positive mind.

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i agree. it also helps if you really really desire the product you want to attract. for instance, i knew an ipad would really mean a lot to my business so i kept thinking I needed one. There were times when I can't even function well because I kept justifying my inefficiency to my lack of an ipad. Then, an opportunity to own one.

You see, whether you know it or not...your thoughts dictate your actions. since i kept thinking i need an ipad..all i did at that time was to check the net for deals..think of ways how to afford one..etc... :)

Gosh. super long comment. sorry wenny! :)

Don't be sorry ... I love it! I'm glad you shared your LOA experience. It truly endorses that LOA works not only for me. I'm sure there are many of my blog-friends who can relate to this too. Thanks Roma!