Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

The time is here! Another session of reflection and this is the best part of the week. A time spent reflecting and being appreciative of everyone and everything revolving in and out of my life makes a nice feeling. Gratitude creates happy thoughts and it makes a whole lot of sense of my existence from day to day.

Let me bore you with my list of gratitude this week;

1. I am grateful for yesterday, TODAY and my positive anticipation for tomorrow.
2. I am grateful that lo kong completed his marathon successfully in Hong Kong last weekend.
3. I am grateful for the recent plentiful trip to Hong Kong ... very satisfying!
4. I am grateful that my flu is getting better, thanks to the heavier dose of medication from the doctor.
5. I am grateful that my airline booking to the City of Lights has finally been confirmed on MAS since the original carrier Air Asia has suspended their route.
6. I am grateful for the new washing machine in my kitchen ... the type that I had always wanted after 25 years in waiting!

You can start anytime!

Simply cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” can do so many things to improve the overall quality of life. There are greater happiness and satisfaction. Optimism prevails with less anxieties or none at all that helps to improved our physical and mental well-beings. Not to be forgotten, it adds quality to relationships too!

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