Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Shinjuku New City Hotel ...
our humble abode in Tokyo
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!
I'm in Tokyo now!

It is almost end of February and it is also almost end of winter here in Japan.  This is supposed to be a good time to visit but the cold weather is still quite erratic. Not that I mind actually since I love the cold plus I've suffered even colder temperature when I was in Beijing. Anyhow, I am grateful to be here. Domo!

This week I am expressing my random gratitude in the Land of the Rising Sun. Gratitude can make a huge difference in our outlook towards life as well as how others perceive us. Living with an attitude of thankfulness is to consistently allowing positive experiences to come into our life, even in the most challenging situations.

1. I am grateful that I have the good opportunity to travel!
2. I am grateful that there is Air Asia ... Now everyone can fly!
3. I am grateful that I have retired ... I can travel anytime!
4. I am grateful that I am considerably healthy ... I get to enjoy my travels.
5. I am grateful for my lo kong who loves me very much and the perfect 'partner-in-crime' as we make our escapes from the daily grinds through our travels.
6. I am grateful for my son who is holding the fort back in Malaysia.

Gratitude is important for one’s well-being. If we are grateful for all the positive things that we see around us, we will undoubtedly have a fulfilling and happy day. In fact, most religions encourage gratitude. In Buddhism for example which is one of the two major religions here in Japan, gratitude is said to be a hallmark of humanity.

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