Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Day With God In My Bubble ...

Today is a beautiful day.  It was a little sunny a short while ago but I love the cloudy sky and gusts of wind outside right now.

Woke up early today expecting to receive my daily dose of assignments but alas ... there must be a plan up there for me to do today other than ghostwriting.  I guess I have been losing focus on my journey in retirement.  I used to raved about doing things at my own pace, my own time, my own space and my own liking but looks like I am falling out of this equation each day.  Don't get me wrong ... I love to write!  It is educational, creative, adventurous and it keeps my mind alert and healthy.  But there are side-effects if it is left  out of control.

As I said before, messages from God comes to me in many odd ways and places.  Sometimes it is on facebook or twitter or the local papers or on my blog.  Today, it's from all channels and He says "Spend this day with Me!"

We all need God in our lives and His encouragement to walk through the roughest and narrowest paths in our daily walks through life.  A lot will happen ... the good the bad and the ugly but have trust in Him and He will come to lead us back on track.  I'd affirmed this week that I know where I am going and Lord, I hear you!  It is time to pull back a little, take stock of the changes and realign myself with my original purpose.

Dear Lord, I know your plans for me are greater than the ones I have for myself.  
I worship you for who you are and I appreciate your relentless kindness to me.  
Thank you Lord, for having faith in me. 

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For awhile there I wanted to 'Like' your comment but alas this is not facebook ... hehehe! Thanks!

I believe in this too, thta we have to open to getting those messages and heeding them.

We are just too busy and too engrossed with our daily rush that we sometimes missed the messages.