Friday, March 9, 2012

Law Of Attraction: Are Your Negative Thoughts Derailing You?

Despite being inspired and knowing exactly what you need to do, you are still struggling to achieve your aspirations. If the things you desire still do not seem to fall into place, then most often than not you must have been derailed by your negative thoughts. How?

Firstly, let's not forget the power of your sub-conscious mind. You create your own circumstances through your subconscious mind. Most individual have been conditioned to think and react in the negative way whenever uncertainties loom ahead due to an instilled fear, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of regret, fear of change and so on. Subconsciously, you are frightening yourselves into anxiety. Obviously, you have allowed your negative thoughts to derail you!

Before anything can change, there's a need for you to explore your thoughts, emotions and actions. You need to understand where these fears are coming from and how they are influencing your actions or inactions. Once you have determined the causes, you can then take steps to prevent it from happening in the future.

Are you being derailed? 
As an example, you want financial prosperity. You are inspired and know exactly what to do to energize yourselves and the infinite intelligence sends you leads in the form of opportunities and ideas. But subconsciously, you may be frightened by the thoughts of failure or change. You understand the risks you have to take, yet you become weakened in your actions. You react too slowly that the opportunities slipped away.

On the other hand, you may be frightened by the thoughts of regrets or missed opportunities, so you just jump right in without any evaluation. You react too quickly that you failed to realize whether you have the know-how or if you are prepared for the long haul.

As another example, you may dream of a successful relationship. You worked positively to focus on what you want and found yourself in a relationship that you had always dreamed of. But no matter what you do, it still did not last. Perhaps subconsciously you fear making the wrong choice. Even if the relationship hits the mark, you belief the next relationship could possibly be better.

You have no awareness that there are destructive efforts from within your sub-consciousness due to the uncertainties in your mind caused by your doubts and fears. Prepare to ask yourself what you are afraid of. Explore any possibilities from your past to present to help you get back on track again. When you have established an insight into your inner fears, you will rein full control of your thoughts, emotions and actions. You will be able to create the outcomes the way you want in the right direction.

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